Massive recall in France: Above all, do not consume these soy sauces!

A new product recall has just been published by the health authorities. We are witnessing a new cascade of worrying revelations about food safety. It is Rappel Conso official website issuing the warning. As always, there is all the information with the name, the brand and the affected stores. The scandal surrounding the late recall of children’s chocolates has already worried the French. The company would have blanked out the salmonella contamination to keep the products on the shelves for as long as possible. The Buitoni scandal has also hurt consumer confidence. The consequences of this contamination can therefore be very serious. This time it’s soy sauce. Two types of sauce are subject to a recall procedure. Above all, they should not be eaten. You can bring them back to the store or destroy them.

The recall affects two AB Label soy sauces!

The recall does not only affect low-end products or products sold in supermarkets. Any type of processed product can be affected. These are DANIVAL brand soy sauces, AB label, which are sold in health food stores. The first is shoyu sauce, soy and wheat, reduced salt. It’s a 50 cl bottle. The second is Tamari Sauce, 100% Soy, Reduced Salt. The format is also 50 cl. The two recalled products have release dates between 03/15/2022 and 04/14/2022. So if you have any of these sauces at home, don’t use them. Throw it away or return it to the store for a refund.

Authorities cite “microbiological instability” as the reason for the recall. They provide no further details. The consumer must therefore remain very vigilant. The risk is therefore the possible ingestion of biological contaminants. There is no prefectural ordinance. The manufacturers themselves have initiated the process of removing the offending products from the shelves. Of course, identifying problems and eliminating risks quickly is a positive element that shows a strengthened monitoring system. However, in some cases, like Ferrero, manufacturers seem to be able to circumvent controls and delay a possible recall. This is a very worrying element that should prompt consumers to be more vigilant in their purchases. It is also an additional argument to prefer products that are as fresh as possible over processed products.

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