Mercedes EQS SUV: the electric car of excess


Mercedes is lifting the veil on the EQS SUV, which, as the name suggests, is the leggy equivalent of the EQS electric sedan. With more than 5 m in length and 660 km of autonomy, it does not hold back.

The various Mercedes model names can be confusing, but the name of the latest EQS SUV has the virtue of being fairly self-explanatory. The brand is thus introducing this SUV equivalent of the EQS electric sedan launched last year.

While the EQS resembles an electric S-Class, although benefiting from a specific design, the EQS SUV positions itself against the GLS, the largest SUV in the range.

The EQS SUV thus crowns the range of electric SUVs from Mercedes, which already included the EQA, EQB and EQC. An EQE SUV is also on the way and will position itself between the EQC and the EQS SUV.

The newcomer is a big baby, 5.125 meters long, almost as long as the GLS. Its styling isn’t quite as massive, however, and the EQS SUV looks more like a big EQC.

Mercedes EQS SUV

We find the closed grille and rear light strip now typical of Mercedes’ EQ electric models.

If the GLS and the GL before it have never directly adopted the interior design of the S-Class, this EQS SUV takes over the presentation of the EQS. We therefore find as an option the famous Hyperscreen. It is a dashboard composed of three screens that form a panel 141 cm wide. The instrument screen and the screen dedicated to the passenger have a diagonal of 12.3 inches versus 17.7 inches for the central screen.

The interfaces can receive remote updates (OTA) and it is even possible to purchase certain options after delivery.

Mercedes EQS SUV interior

Given the dimensions of the machine and despite the presence of all-wheel steering, it will be more convenient to maneuver it in the rear seats than in the driver’s seat. Comfort equipment is plentiful, especially when you delve into the options, and there’s no doubting the ample space in the rear seats.

Mercedes EQS SUV interior

It is also possible to opt for a third row of seats, allowing up to seven to travel on board.

Mercedes EQS SUV 7 seater

Up to 660 km range

As the flagship of the range, the EQS SUV has an impressive spec sheet. Three versions with rear-wheel drive and two versions with all-wheel drive 4MATIC, which have a specific off-road driving mode, are planned for market launch.

They all share a battery with a useful capacity of 107.8 kWh, guaranteeing a maximum WLTP range of 660 km for the rear-wheel drive version and 613 km for the 4×4 versions. The most powerful version announces a maximum output of 400 kW (544 hp) and a torque of 858 Nm.

transmission To the rear wheels integral integral
Maximum Performance 265kW 265kW 400kW
maximum torque 568 newton meters 800Nm 858 newton meters
WLTP autonomy 536 – 660km 507 – 613km 507 – 613km

The onboard charger enables recharging with 11 kW alternating current as standard or optionally with 22 kW. DC charging is possible up to 200 kW, allowing you to regain 250 km of autonomy in just 15 minutes, according to Mercedes.

The SUV EQS will compete with the Tesla Model X in particular. Its prices, which can be estimated at around 130,000 euros for the entry-level class, have not yet been announced.

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