New luck via PS Direct, check your mail!

This morning you have another chance to buy a PS5.

April 19 update: According to GamesWirtschaft, emails were once again sent to selected and registered PSN users on Easter Monday, who now have the option of picking up a PS5.

Like the previous week, the sale will take place between 10:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. Everything you need to know about purchasing via PlayStation Direct can be found below. We will cross our fingers!

April 12 update: As GamePro user Kamaluq reports, Saturn PS5 pre-orders, which will be available at the end of April, should also be accepted at branches. He was able to pre-order his console on site at Saturn Berlin/Gesundbrunnen.

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If you’re looking for a PS5, you’ll have another chance to pick up one of the few consoles this morning. Like the side Gaming Economy Reports, the sale in Germany takes place via Sony’s own PlayStation Direct shop – provided that you have registered in advance in the shop. There is also a rumor that pre-orders for the PS5 will also be possible at Media Markt and Saturn stores this Tuesday.

What is PlayStation Direct?

This is Sony PlayStation’s own store, which has also been available in Germany since November 2021. So you buy directly “ex works”, a middleman such as Media Markt, Amazon or Cyberport is not necessary.

How do I order on PlayStation Direct?

The basic requirement for purchase, in addition to being a resident of Germany and of legal age, is a PlayStation Network account that all PS4 and PS5 users have. But this condition alone is not enough for a purchase, you must register in advance for a possible purchase of a PS5:

Register to purchase the PS5

Wait for Sony’s email: If you’ve “applied” to buy a PS5, you’ll be contacted by email by the manufacturer before the sale begins. You can then use a personalized link to order a console within the time frame specified above. As GamesWirtschaft recommends, you should only open the invite link within the time window of the sale, accessing the store with one device, one browser, and one tab.

According to the information, the emails were sent around 3 p.m. yesterday, Monday, so be sure to check your inbox (including spam) to see if you received a corresponding invitation.

If you haven’t signed up for PlayStation Direct yet or haven’t received an invite link, you might have another chance to get a PS5 later this week.

PS5 at Media Markt and Saturn before Easter: As the GamesWirtschaft page also reports, “the information comes from several sources” which this Tuesday Launch pre-orders in store. This means that you have to try your luck directly on site, online pre-orders should not be possible.

This is specifically a package priced at EUR 644.99 including Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. Sources say the collection is set to take place in late April, which was confirmed a few minutes ago by GamePro user Kamaluq, who got his hands on a PS5 at Saturn Berlin/ Gesundbrunnen.

Buy the PS5 before Easter

In a separate article, we have summarized in which stores you may still have the opportunity to make a purchase before the holidays. Here you can also find out the likelihood of a drop at well-known retailers such as Amazon, Otto, Euronics and Co.

Have you ever signed up for PlayStation Direct, perhaps got your hands on a console, or had the experience of buying?

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