“Not what you see on camera”

Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann talk openly about their time on “Let’s Dance.”gettyimages

“Let’s Dance” was canceled this week. Like every year, the dance show takes a break on Good Friday and the contestants and professional dancers have an Easter break. A small consolation for all “Let’s Dance” fans: Although the show is on hiatus, there was a new episode of “Tanz oder nicht at all”, the podcast of former “Let’s Dance” professionals Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann.

The couple usually discuss the current episode of the RTL format every Saturday. However, since there was no new edition this Friday, Oana and Erich spoke generally about their time and experiences on “Let’s Dance.” In doing so, the duo revealed that things often go differently behind the scenes than fans of the show might suspect.

Ideal world on “Let’s Dance”? Oana and Erich have a different image

“I think what would be interesting for listeners is to know how lonely and lonely you sometimes are as a professional on ‘Let’s Dance'”, revealed Oana on her podcast. She thinks viewers often get the sense that ‘Let’s Dance’ is one big happy family – but that’s not the case, the 34-year-old made it clear.

The professional must do 90% of the work and also be there for the fame, continues the dancer and adds sadly: “However, the professional has no one. No one to talk to.”

She then gave an example that made it particularly clear: “I’ll never forget how you won a season one time and we walked past the producers of the show and they didn’t even shake your hand.” Then she was shocked. Additionally, she often felt like people were avoiding each other instead of being together, she explained and added:

“Let’s Dance time is very difficult for the professional and totally not what you see on camera.”

That wasn’t the end of Oana’s angry speech: “It’s such a loving representation of the professionals because they love to dance and take the opportunity of the show, but don’t take advantage of it. The pros are awesome.” Either way, the pros would always do their best and inspire everyone, so Oana and more:

“Everyone still acts like family, but it’s like you said before. Sorry, if family feels like that, it’s kind of pathetic. Family means a whole different thing to us.”

It was a big deal, Erich agreed with his wife and added: “If you take on the family, you’re there for each other and not just taking advantage of each other. You also value yourself – and not just in front of the camera.”

Finally, they made it clear that they would not blaspheme on “Let’s Dance” – on the contrary. “You can only get mad at something if you like it”, said Oana. For example, she couldn’t get upset about football because she didn’t care at all.


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