Restaurant “Schipperhus”: children are not allowed here

“Dear guests! Due to many unpleasant events in the past, we have decided to no longer serve families with children under 12 years old.” These words hang in the window of the “Schipperhus”, a restaurant in the resort Baltic Sea resort of Dierhagen (Vorpommern-Rügen district) After endless discussions with unreasonable parents, owner Ricarda Biebl pulled the emergency brake – and is now inundated with hateful messages.

“The fact that children behave badly because their parents no longer raise them properly has increased enormously in the last five years,” the 49-year-old said in an interview with MOPO. “Ten years ago that was not the case.”

Baltic Sea: Schipperhus does not accept children under 12

The small “Schipperhus” restaurant with its seven tables is one of the oldest houses in the city. Biebl has a lot of regular guests here who the owner says would like to have dinner with her in the evening. “However, it doesn’t work if the schnitzel flies onto the floor next door and is stepped on. But instead of putting the food back on the table, the parents don’t react at all,” she says.

This review can be found on the website of the restaurant “Schipperhus”.

The bad thing: as soon as they or their service staff spoke to the parents about the child’s behavior, they were only verbally abused. “It’s not good that we have to be insulted all the time on top of that,” Biebl says. Last season, it decided for a limited time not to welcome families with children under the age of 12.

“When we wanted to try the experience again at the end of last season, we already bitterly regretted it after 14 days,” she continues. “That’s why my decision is now clear.” In addition to the storefront, there is also a note on the restaurant’s website. First, the “image” had paid off.

Baltic Sea: More children in the “Schipperhus” – because of the parents

However, the owner clarifies that she doesn’t care about the children – but about the parents. She also has four children of her own. “After an eight-hour day at the beach with a three or four-year-old child, it’s clear that you shouldn’t go to the restaurant anymore. The children are dead tired, it can’t be going well at all.”

Ricarda Biebl’s decision has consequences. Hate messages welcomed on the Internet, especially on Twitter. “How is the food there when even the hungry kids would rather throw it away?” wrote one Twitter user. Others hope that Biebl will soon go bankrupt.

“I expected it. Some wish me death and the devil,” the landlady says with a sigh. Anonymous hatred is hard to bear. is exactly why they dare not.”

Baltic Sea: The owner of “Schipperhus” arouses hatred – and understanding

But she also gets a lot of understanding. “Even though I hate to write this as a father, some kids really act like the ax in the woods. Parents are the primary nurturers!” says one Twitter user. “Parents are to blame, no no doubt”, agrees another internet user.

Ricarda Biebl bought the “Schipperhus” in Dierhagen in 2018, before that she worked in the restaurant business for almost three decades. “I’ve been through a lot already,” she says. “But it’s something completely different. It’s tough, but I hope it calms down.”

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