Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe reveal they’ve suffered a lot

She is a successful novelist. He’s a power-hungry villain. The characters are played by Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe in The Mystery of the Lost City by Aaron and Adam Nee trudge through the jungle in search of treasure. They are joined by Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt for this humorous and action-packed film.

“I think a good adventure film is something that mixes a lot of different tones,” confides Daniel Radcliffe 20 minutes. There has to be action and a story that is constantly moving forward. For me you have to sense a real danger, a real danger that the characters are trapped in. » The Mystery of the Lost City fits that description perfectly. The heroes are drooling in the jungle and the actors weren’t left out, as they told us.

In high heels and suits

“The hardest part was wearing heels in the jungle for three months,” says Sandra Bullock. I still pay for it physically, but it was a good move as it added to the comedy. In a sequined pink tracksuit that sits atop those awkward shoes, the actress is hilarious with her look of a lost townswoman who discovers unexpected resources in the midst of adversity. Daniel Radcliffe is just as much fun in fancy suits that aren’t exactly made for the heat. “In the beginning, the directors imagined we would have this very cool character who was unfazed all the time, and I finally told them to forget that he’s a human who doesn’t sweat! Sweating always happens at some point. »

The rhythm of the film is frenzied around the two actors, without forgetting their partners, who are in tune with their delirium. “The chemistry and dynamic between the characters is crucial,” Sandra Bullock points out. When it works, it’s really fun to watch. Watching daredevil adventurer Brad Pitt teach Channing Tatum survival lessons as a handsome, nerdy, good-natured actor is heartening. All of them play one-upmanship to make people laugh in magical settings.

The Mystery of the Lost City has no other claim than to have a good time in the company of charismatic performers. This adventure film with unbelievable adventures and numerous gags fulfills this task effectively.

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