Star Wars Eclipse: A development that is ultimately not that complicated?

Game news Star Wars Eclipse: A development that is ultimately not that complicated?

Announced during the Game Awards 2021, Star Wars Eclipse is one of the new projects being developed by Quantic Dream. The story will take place during the High Republic, and we can say that the first trailer caused quite a stir.

Special mention to Quantic Dream undiscovered regions of the Outer Rimbut at the moment little is known about this Star Wars Eclipse.

A game marred by production issues?

Fans of the license obviously dissected that first trailer and spotted onevisibly unknown armywhile I dwell on this strange character participate in a dark ritual during a solar eclipse. Interestingly, the studio mentioned a Mixture of story and action, which would set this new game apart from the usual, very narrative productions. Rest assured, it always will be to make decisions.

Unfortunately, in March, the now well-known Tom Henderson canceled the title’s release would probably take place in 2027 or 2028the fault of alleged recruitment difficultiesand to an engine that would ultimately not be suitable on the ambitions of the game But then why this spectacular trailer? For Henderson, that was her primary goal Encourage developers to applyand to show possible investors what Quantic Dream is preparing.

In the end it wouldn’t be so bad

Star Wars Eclipse: A development that is ultimately not that complicated?

Quantic Dream, of course commented on none of thisand these statements have recently been contradicted AccountNgtthe Twitter user who had revealed the existence of the project Star Wars Eclipse ahead of its time. You have to take what he says with the same tweezers as Tom Henderson, but his background also gives him some credibility. In a since-deleted tweet, AccountNGT said:

The information I received once again confirms the existence of a game based on the Quantic Dreams Dark Sorcerer tech demo I wrote about a few months ago. Star Wars Eclipse was supposed to be the next big game Quantic Dream would release. Apparently things are going better than some would like to believe.

In another tweet, which was not deleted this time, he mentions an expected release in 2025with a development that would have begun early 2021. At the same time, he pushes the idea forward the announcement of a new game during the Summer Game Fest. There hasn’t been any information or teasing regarding this announcement at this time, so be careful.

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