The bachelor Dominik and his Anna: will the wedding bells ring soon? – People

Who would have thought that Bachelor Dominik Stuckmann (30) really found THE big love when he offered his last rose to Anna Rossow (33) during the grand finale of the TV show Dome.

But things are going very well between the Bachelor and his chosen ones. And all the signs point to marriage!

“Now the trip to Mexico is a few weeks behind us and we are back to everyday life,” Dominik posted on Instagram just a few days ago. “We master every situation with flying colors and I look forward to whatever happens!”

And? What’s next, many fans ask. Because the fact is that the two lovebirds really put the gas!

“I don’t think any of us would have thought it was really possible to truly fall in love in this format and create a connection that works on the outside as well,” Dominik wrote on Instagram, completely inspired after. the final of “Bachelor”.

And how does it work ! Anna has long since moved from Hamburg to her dream man in Frankfurt and still commutes diligently because of her job. In the shared stand, the two have already screwed up their “marital bed”, on Instagram they repeatedly show very private glimpses of their happiness.

It can’t be ignored how comfortable the two feel with each other, what a well-rehearsed team they are now, and how much they enjoy being close to each other. Dominik and Anna carrying moving boxes, cooking, cleaning, dancing and making out – it’s just wonderful!

“I can already see you in your wedding dress!” The bachelor is already raving about his Anna. And she also admitted in the BILD interview: “I have to admit that Dominik is someone for me who I can imagine both marriage and children with.”

And it looks like the two might actually be able to work things out very soon. Because wedding preparations are underway – at least for Anna.

On Instagram, she follows wedding photographer Jules (Julian Müller from Düsseldorf), make-up artist Anja Marcu, who also takes care of the bride’s hair and make-up, and the Düsseldorf boutique “Unique”, which also offers many beautiful wedding dresses in her repertoire.

Nightingale, I hear you hanging out… All that’s missing is the bachelor’s official marriage proposal!

But Dominik slows down for a moment, telling BILD: “We haven’t planned a wedding yet!”

But what is not, can still become…

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