The concept shows that Apple could do a lot more with iPadOS 16

Two iPad models offer the same powerful M chip as Mac devices, but critics accuse Apple of slowing down the full potential with iPadOS. Now, a concept has emerged showing what the upcoming iPadOS 16 could do better here for business users.

In a few weeks, iOS 16 and thus also iPadOS 16 will be able to celebrate their first appearance at the WWDC 2022 developer conference. So far, little is known about the adjustments – even if the new iPhone operating system , according to rumors, refers to some hardware innovations. Apple has long marketed its iPads as business-use devices and can back it up, at least in terms of performance, with the M1 chip that’s used in two of the tablet models. But what is missing so far from the point of view of some critics? An iPadOS that duly implements this performance with functions for Pro users.
Parker Ortolani’s iPadOS 16 concept
Now product manager Parker Ortolani provides some great artwork that should show what Apple could do better in this regard with the upcoming iPadOS. Full concept explores ideas for multitasking, home screen, dock, and more.

Better multitasking

For a better iPad experience, Parker is considering a new split view for apps that makes it easier and better to run multiple apps in parallel. From his point of view, it would be conceivable that Apple could use up to 4 applications side by side. For this, they can “simply be dragged next to other applications”. Other ideas: a tab allows opening new application windows, a new mission control allows precise management of the “window stack”. Floating “pop-up windows” could also be useful.

Lots of new shortcuts

For the home screen and dock, Parker would like it to be possible to place “music, podcasts, books, shows, files and more” as shortcuts in addition to apps. It also adopts the concept of the Mac, which allows folders to “deploy” with the click of a button.

Finally a desktop mode

Finally, from Parker’s point of view, a function for pro users would probably be a real blessing: a mode he calls this “Studio Mode”, which finally addresses the previously very unsightly implementation of the display of the iPad on external displays.

iPad, Concept, iPadOS 16, iPadOS 16

iPad, Concept, iPadOS 16, iPadOS 16
Parker Ortolani

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