The photo of Macron’s shirt open excites the British press

In one of them we see Emmanuel Macron, sitting nonchalantly on a sofa, a cheeky smile on his lips and wearing a white shirt unbuttoned by four buttons, revealing a fleece well trimmed with dark hair. An attitude that we have not really been used to with the outgoing president for five years.

“I probably validated the series … This one went a bit fast, but if fans of Demis Roussos are listening to us, maybe it can have an impact,” replied the contestant with a humorous line captured by France 5 columnist Bertrand on Monday night Chameroy. “And we may have what sociologists call the ‘secant edge’ of Demis Roussos and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, it may be a large reservoir of voices…”

Macron ‘uses his body as a weapon’

Across the Channel, this photo quickly shed ink, and several major media outlets picked up the image of the French President proudly showing off his hair to the world.

“Only in France would a man try to use his body as a (not so) secret weapon in a presidential campaign,” writes journalist Samatha Briks for die Daily Mail. “Did I enlarge the picture? My God! I plead guilty,” she admits, believing Emmanuel Macron has pulled off a masterpiece here.

“He needs women’s votes and the simple truth is that French women love a hairy chest – and secretly a lot of British women do too. Not only do they find him masculine and sexy, they find him safe and reassuring, everything you want in a leader,” she explains. Above all, the French expect a competent leader.

Be that as it may, the tactic of seduction seems to be working, as the journalist proudly sums up: “I have French nationality and will be going to the polls this weekend. I would be lying if I said these pictures of our President will not be at the forefront of my mind.”

“The Return of the Fleece”

And the Daily Mail isn’t the only medium to give pride of place to the president’s torso. “The return of the fleece: could Macron’s hairy chest spark a new fad?” she asks The guard who sees in Emmanuel Macron the worthy successor to Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds, who democratized this trend in the 1960s and 1970s.

For the author of this article, this shot is proof of the return of the he-vague, male cleavage. “I suppose someone on the Macron team – maybe Emmanuel himself, maybe Brigitte – decided that manscaping (shaving the hair, pubis or back, for example to conform to a dictation) was outdated, more rigorous ‘ writes the journalist Guardian.

“Plus, the French have always had a healthier, more natural attitude towards body hair — and some Twitter users have even dubbed the new pics ‘thirst trap,'” he continues, also referencing the idea of ​​a publicity stunt between.

“What do you look for in a politician? Honesty? Integrity? Or a thick carpet of hair on the chest, which is worthy of a Pantene ad,” she also questions Timeswhich highlights the number of undone buttons on the candidate’s shirt.

“Yes, four buttons, it wasn’t an apologetic tuft or a subtle shade: it was a breastplate full of black hair,” he points out telegram simply wondering if this “strategy” is “acceptable”.

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