“The Production Makes You Believe That…”: Alicia (Married At First Sight) Makes A Point!

The sixth season of Married at first sight in full swing on M6. And among the candidates Alice caused a stir among the viewers. The pretty 28-year-old blonde married Bruno, a charming 31-year-old brunette. The couple even flew to Portugal for their honeymoon. If they seem to get along well, the two lovebirds still notice a gap between reality and what is transmitted on screen. With our colleagues from TV magazinethe coordinating nurse talks about it.

Alicia noticed leading some questions from reporters. “When I missed the answer, the journalist asked me the question again until I actually answeredshe remembers. They really want to get an answer that they’ve already thought about. Sometimes the job interviews are late and we just want to go to bed because we are so tired.

She also went to bed with her husband Bruno on their wedding night. Nothing happened between them that night. What’s more, the young woman seemed uncomfortable and insisted on turning off the light. During the episode, it is revealed that Alicia wants to hide the scars from the horrific car accident she suffered in 2014 – which claimed her sister’s life. The reality is different…”I want to clarify that it is a montage. I’m in my pajamas, so Bruno won’t see my scars anyway. As a matter of fact, I turn off the lights because I have OCD, I have to sleep in total darknessShe explains. The staging pretends that I don’t want Bruno to see my body, but that has nothing to do with it. I’m just tired. We went to bed quickly. We didn’t even talk much.

And that’s not all: the beauty’s blocking of those marks on her body is being exaggerated on air. “Since the scars are visible, sometimes I have to explain them. But otherwise I accept them. I often wear crop tops with my tummy bare, we’ll see in the next episodeShe says. I can have small apprehensions if I don’t know the people, but not as much as the production on the show would suggest.” Last but not least, “the story further [sa] sister” is also emphasized in the broadcasts. “But it’s about ratings“, she continues. And to clarify that she “really like the production“, that”no worries“and that you”don’t blame her“.”I just wish my time on the program was less about my past‘ Alicia concludes.

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