The receipt will disappear and that worries consumer associations

Several associations denounce a “forced march” disappearance that leaves the consumer no choice.

In order to fight waste and protect the climate, the government has decided to abolish the receipt (and credit card tickets and vouchers) in supermarkets.

It has to be said that every year 30 billion of these little slips of paper are printed, tickets that most of the time end up in the trash. According to the National Assembly, the income from one supermarket is equivalent to 750 kilometers of bread rolls per year.

This ban is scheduled to come into force on January 1, 2023, and the decree is currently being examined by the Constitutional Council.

An “unacceptable” decree

However, several consumer associations such as UFC-Que Choisir consider that this “project, by removing them by default, results in consumers being deprived of a real choice and consequently of their rights”.

If these associations underline the “commendable” character of the measure, they point to an “unacceptable” decree for several reasons.

“First, because we would expect consumers to be systematically asked whether they want to buy a ticket or not. However, a single generic ad does not guarantee that your choice will be respected. In fact, it will be added to the many already existing mentions at the checkout (promotions, recalled products, accepted payment methods, etc.) and will be all the less visible since merchants who do not warn their customers will not face penalties as things stand, we can read press release together.

“Secondly, because this measure paves the way to a forced dematerialization of the ticket. It is therefore likely to facilitate, via marketing techniques, the creation of databases by merchants and, in particular, will result in intrusive or non-intrusive advertising being desired.” Carry on.

The associations are also amazed at the ecological benefit of the measure, “especially when we know that certain experts estimate the greenhouse gas emissions of the dematerialized ticket to be higher than those of the conventional ticket”.

Système U and Carrefour are already doing it

Conclusion: “The default cancellation of the ticket bears the seeds of an explosion of situations in which the consumer is deprived of the opportunity to assert his rights”. In particular, the “risk of not being able to provide proof of purchase. Proof of purchase is essential to claim legal or commercial guarantees, or to obtain a refund in the event of a food recall, or even to exchange a garment that the seller had offered the consumer to decide at the time of purchase”.

These associations call “Hence the government to check their copy: a consumer’s right to receive a receipt is only truly preserved if the choice is systematically offered to him”.

Keep in mind that several sales brands have already abolished the receipt without waiting for government decree. According to System U In 2021, Carrefour announced it would end the automatic distribution of receipts in all of its stores.

The fact remains that according to a survey conducted by OpinionWay for GETP in March 2020, 60% of consumers want their ticket after checkout.

Olivier Chicheportiche Journalist BFM Business

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