This deal fell through after the show

In the new episode of “The Lion’s Den” there was an agreement for the decorative product “Wirestyle”. But it has now erupted. The founder and the investor explain the reasons.

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Thomas Willberger and André Gall recently quit their jobs for their “Wirestyle” product. In “The Lion’s Den”, they made a deal with investor Nils Glagau. The magazine “Gründerszene” reports why this burst after the recording of the show.

“Wirestyle” is about custom pictures for the wall – not oil on canvas or printed, but with nails and wire. For this, Willberger and Gall have developed software and a robot that “traces” photos with thousands of nails and an immensely long wire. The lions were initially enthusiastic.

“It’s really impressive!” said Georg Kofler. “It’s great, it’s unbelievable,” said Ralf Dümmel. And Dagmar Wöhrl also saw a “work of art” in “Wirestyle”. While the other lions saw no worthwhile investment in the product, Nils Glagau explained, “I would like to invest in your art.” He offered 200,000 for 20%, the founders traded him to 17.5% of the company’s stock. Originally, they only wanted to give up 15%.

Different Ideas About Alignment

Unfortunately, nothing came of the case in the end. “The founding team had different ideas about where the company should go,” André Gall, founder of Wirestyle, told Gründerszene magazine. He doesn’t say more about it, but he does point out that “no bad blood” flowed after the show. Gall and Willberger have yet to find a new investor for their start-up.

Glagau also commented on the failed deal on Twitter. “Unfortunately, the deal with ‘Wirestyle’ didn’t go through because the founding team had different views on joining and continuing the cooperation after registration,” the entrepreneur wrote. He wishes the two founders every success and will follow the further development of their product.

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