Top 10 contestant Abigail Nova Campos is eliminated from live show 1


18 April 2022 – 10:18 look

With Florian Silbereisen’s “Golden CD”, Abigail Nova Campos went straight from casting to encore abroad. In the DSDS 2022 live broadcasts, she wanted to get the title. But after show 1, she had to say goodbye. Abigail’s parents are from the Dominican Republic and Chile. Because of her mother’s work, “Abi” moved often, but this only strengthened the bond between her and her three older siblings. They even played in a band together. The DSDS candidate was already on tour as part of a gospel choir with André Rieu or appeared as a singer for pop stars like Hélène Fischer. However, his dream of becoming a superstar in 2022 erupts in the first live broadcast. Calls from viewers are not enough.

Profile of DSDS candidate Abigail

Surname: Abigail Nova Campos
Nickname: graduation
Age: 18
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Residence: leipzig
Education/profession: student
Marital status:

Here’s Abigail Nova Campos’ Favorite DSDS Judge

Describe yourself in three words:
Open, crazy, sincere

Your life motto:
Pretend until you get there. / I’ll take all my pain and exploit it for money – Mitski

What have you always wanted to do with your life?
Skydiving, skydiving, going around the world

My lucky charm:
My silver ring that my mother gave me 4 years ago

(In addition to music) fashion, anime, reading and writing (e.g. news)

When did you start singing?
Since I was a kid. I grew up with it because my siblings had their own reggaeton band when we were still living in Hamburg. There was always loud music around me and all genres were always represented.

My idol/role model and why?
Mitski: I like her style, I like the way she processes her emotional pain in her music and succeeds in that way. Every one of his songs gives me goosebumps. Jorja Smith: I just think they’re beautiful. I have never seen anyone so beautiful and she sings wonderfully too.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Strengths: If it’s really something serious, I can get away with it. I’m very good at bringing order to chaos, so I’m always given the role of mother in circles of friends. Weaknesses: I tend to overthink things very easily. I have to be under pressure to start working effectively.

What is your personal brand (tattoo, piercing, other)?
My obsession with clouds, derived from my stage name “Abi in the clouds”

My favorite judge and why:
Florian Silbereisen, because I’ve often played with/for him and he’s just super nice and open-minded on stage and backstage.

For me, DSDS means:
You can do it.

I win DSDS because…:
…I have enough support from my family to do it

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