With the EQS SUV, Mercedes is presenting the flagship of its electric fleet

Mercedes has officially introduced the SUV EQS. It is obviously an electric SUV based on the EQS electric sedan platform.

Like its namesake, this electric SUV is very impressive because of its size, as it is 5.13 meters long. So that this size is not noticeable on the road, the rear wheels are turned up to 10 degrees. This makes this “zero emission” SUV more agile.

With a wheelbase of 3.21 meters, the cabin of the EQS SUV is more than spacious. This makes it possible to add a third row of seats if required or to offer up to 2100 liters of cargo space.

A typical design of the EQ series that focuses on efficiency

Despite its 72 meter height, the EQS SUV has aerodynamic properties that are very efficient. Its drag coefficient (Cx) is actually 0.20, which is better performance than the Tesla Model X, one of its direct competitors.

This Cx is available in the version with 19-inch wheels, but Mercedes didn’t want those big wheels to be an obstacle to efficiency. In addition, the engineers worked on details such as the shape of the rims and fenders to reduce drag. Ola Källenius, CEO of Mercedes, confirms this “Priority” for the design team.

Like the sedan, the EQS SUV benefits from a full grille and rounded shapes at the front. Its length also helps redirect airflow backwards, reducing drag.

What performance for the Mercedes EQS SUV?

There are three versions of Mercedes’ new electric SUV. The EQS SUV is available in the EQS 450+ version, in the EQS 450 4MATIC version and finally as the most powerful EQS 580 4MATIC.

In contrast to the two 4MATIC versions, the former is the only one with rear-wheel drive. The two 450 versions have an output of 265 kW or 360 hp. The torque of the rear-wheel drive version is 568 Nm compared to 800 Nm for the EQS 450 4MATIC.

For its part, the EQS 580 4MATIC version has an output of 400 kW or 544 hp. The torque is also phenomenal at 858 Nm when accelerating.

Autonomy and charging of the Mercedes electric SUV

The Mercedes EQS SUV has the larger of the two EQS battery packs. It has a capacity of 107.8 kWh battery. It thus offers a maximum range in the WLTP cycle of up to 660 kilometers.

In the 450+ version, the EQS SUV is obviously the most sober. With the two all-wheel drive versions, the maximum range drops to a very respectable 613 kilometers.

The Mercedes EQS SUV accepts fast charging up to 200 kW. The manufacturer also offers its “Mercedes me Charge” function to benefit from Plug & Charge on fast end devices. Alternating current can be recharged with 11 kW, optionally with 22 kW.

EQS SUV 450+ 450 4MATIC 580 4MATIC
Power kW) 265 265 400
Horsepower) 360 360 544
Max Torque (Nm) 568 800 858
Autonomy (WLTP) 660 613 613

An electric car that relies on technology and digitality

With this EQS SUV, Mercedes declares that it wants to combine luxury and technology and embody the pioneering spirit of the brand. The infotainment system in the EQS SUV is like that in the EQS MBUX from Mercedes.

This is one with the car, specifically for an improved version of the car’s load planner. In this way, the MBUX can define whether an unloaded return to the starting point is possible, include the end devices in the journey and even intelligently define a route.

It then calculates stops and adjusts the remaining time in Waze-style to traffic jams, but also to driving style if it detects a change.

The MBUX hyperscreen can even be used as an option, this large screen that covers the entire center console. EQS SUV passengers can enjoy streaming content on the large screen in front of the passenger and in front of the rear seats.

Price and marketing of the Mercedes EQS SUV

Källenius also confirmed that the EQS SUV embodies Mercedes’ future strategy. “We will build the most desirable electric cars in the world”he explained.

“The EQS SUV is also exemplary in terms of construction. Production in our factories is carbon neutral and the supply chain is sustainable. This includes the battery, which is made in our brand new specialty factory in the USA. »

We don’t know the prices of the EQS SUV yet, but they are likely to be higher than those of the EQS. The electric sedan in the 450+ version starts at 127,500 euros. Mercedes, on the other hand, announced that the marketing of the EQS SUV would take place in the second half of 2022.

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