Bitcoin ($BTC) – ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author warns of economic pain, says baby boomers will be ‘biggest losers’

Bitcoin ($BTC) – ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author warns of economic pain, says baby boomers will be ‘biggest losers’

This article was originally published on May 14, 2022.

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and personal finance author Robert Kiyosaki He says the United States faces a future full of unprecedented economic pain.

During a recent video InteractionRising inflation, shortages in Social Security, and healthcare financing are the main factors affecting the economy, Kiyosaki says. This will knock a huge number of baby boomers.

“The biggest losers are the people who never lose,” Kiyosaki says. “These are the people who are sitting on the 401s right now. My Geely. The previous generation. They’re in serious trouble.”

He adds that the baby boomers will be the biggest losers because they have learned not to make mistakes and haven’t lost yet. This is because they went through so easily.

“When they got into the market in the ’70s, the stock market was taking off; the housing market was taking off. The US broke off the gold standard in ’71. So the baby-boomer generation is going to get the biggest shells of all generations. It’s really sad,” Kiyosaki says.

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Earlier in May, he warned that if inflation rose, it would wipe out 50% of the US population.

“America has stopped producing products, we are producing bubbles,” he said, adding that we now have bubbles in the real estate market, the stock market, and the bond market.

He recently talked about the cryptocurrency market, and in particular, about Bitcoin Bitcoin / US Dollarhe said he feels there is an opportunity after landing.

He tweeted that he was waiting for BTC to crash to $20,000.

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