The construction of winding roads causes problems in Lansing’s business

The construction of winding roads causes problems in Lansing’s business

Lansing, Michigan (Wilkes) – Some businesses in South Lansing have said they are having difficulty staying open due to construction work.

Now they are asking for help from the city and the community. They also ask for signs telling drivers that they are still open for business during the road project.

“It’s very difficult for the company,” he said. Siraj bakery Owned by Khaled Ashkuntana.

Eshkuntana said it has already lost about 15% of its customers during this road project.

“My clients are from East Lansing, from Okemos, like the East – it’s very difficult to come here through the construction. It takes about 35-40 minutes to get here,” Eschkontana said.

Little Dreamer Day Care Center He said the parents were leaving their house early so they could move around during construction.

“It certainly presented its challenges especially with the passengers dropping off and picking up our families. Especially with the start of school,” said owner Jacqueline Taylor.

People like Jana Nicole have not stopped at Waverly Plaza since the start of The Road Project. she said Facebook share Asking for support convinced her to navigate the chaos.

“There are no signs for labeling and I think that needs to be better thought out and played a role in the building process that is going on around the city and in other areas to make sure that these businesses, you have easy access to them,” Nicholl said.

Lansing City Council Member Adam Hussein Publishing the post to Facebook asks people to attend if they are able to. He said he works with the Small Business Development Center to help businesses in Waverly Plaza.

We’re trying to make sure everyone knows these businesses are still open, and how to get there. But I think, frankly, the number one thing we can do as a society is get around these companies,” Hussain said.

Hussain said construction in the South Waverley area – from Glenburne to Holmes – is expected to continue through November.

Turn signs are posted for drivers traveling south on Waverly. Northbound drivers on the Waverly don’t have any roadblocks at the moment.

Some businesses in south Lansing said they are having difficulty staying open due to construction.

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