Savannah Companies Expect Weekend Sales Increase On Labor Day

Savannah Companies Expect Weekend Sales Increase On Labor Day

Savannah, J.A.; (WTOC) – Many people in the area celebrate Labor Day this weekend by heading to the beach, watching fireworks displays, and eating out.

Lots of people are shopping too.

Business is booming, according to a local business owner who says she thinks more people will be out this weekend for one last shopping spree before Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer.

Casey Jackson owns Element Tree Essentials in downtown Savannah, known for their lotion-melt candles.

The business only opened for four months, but in that time, Jackson felt accepted by Savannah residents and tourists alike.

It hasn’t been more evident than this weekend — and Jackson says she’s already hit record sales.

“We’ve been hitting records on Fridays and Saturdays so far, so yesterday the place was really crowded and people seemed interested to shop and come in and try out the candles. Everyone was in a good mood and seemed to be enjoying Labor Day, so yeah, we had a great day. Friday is the same. Casey Jackson said.

Despite inflation fears, retail experts actually expect Labor Day sales to exceed last year.

Alleviating supply chain issues means that stores have more items in stock which makes it easier to put them up for sale.

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