Betr launches micro-betting platform, real money app on the road

Betr launches micro-betting platform, real money app on the road

Jake Paul-led Betr app, which focuses on the niche microbetting market, launched its free platform on September 1 – with real money releases expected in the coming months, starting in Ohio.

Betr has taken the next step towards capturing the legal sports betting micro-betting market with New in-game betting platform launched On 1 September.

The Betr App, a free-to-play platform that is available across the US and can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play stores, makes Betr the first online sportsbook in the world to launch an app designed specifically for small bookmakers.

Continuing the momentum built after last month’s announcement that it was raising $50 million to fund the project, social media influencer Jake Paul and partner Joey Levy are looking to tap into a rapidly developing niche component of sports betting, with a client base made up primarily of a younger generation of bettors who are thriving With the ability to place instant bets within the game.

This beta version of the Betr app gives rising ranks of young bookmakers a chance to test drive the platform before Betr rolls out real money (i.e. taking real money bets) in select states later this fall.

“We are looking at this free play experience as a platform to sign up and prepare to start acquiring users mixed with an interactive tutorial for the future of sports betting,” he said. Levy, founder and CEO of Betr, in a press release. “While this is largely a preliminary version that will improve greatly over time, we believe that the experience released today offers a glimpse into the future of sports betting in the United States – an emphasis on the instant gratification of betting in a simple and intuitive user experience that anyone can enjoy. Even if he has never bet on sports before.”

What is a small bet?

Microbetting is an increasingly popular betting experience, which allows users to not only place bets on the game – but bet on specific game events. For example, betting on the next pitch (ball or kick) or the next hit result (hit or kick) in a Major League Baseball game. Or betting on what the next play will be in a soccer game.

The Betr app will present each mini bet in the form of multiple-choice questions, and at the same time display the odds on each bet in the form of clearly defined payout multiples aimed at “simplifying the sports betting experience” for microbettors.

Levy, co-founder of gambling technology company Simplebet, says Betr will rely on Simplebet technology in the process of creating a go-to app for younger generations of sports bettors.

Once users download the Betr free to play app, they can place small bets across Betr coins which, based on the user’s success, can be exchanged for real prizes. As an incentive for customers who quickly join the Betr microbetting app, any user who downloads the app and correctly anticipates the first play of the upcoming NFL season – run or pass – will be entered into a raffle to win a free Betr Wrangler-branded Jeep.

Alex Ursa, Chief Product Officer at Betr, echoes Levy’s view that microbetting represents the next major advance in online sports betting.

“The future of the sports betting industry is finally here,” Ursa said. “What we launched today… something new, different and interesting.” “Betr is also the first betting app where anyone who has never bet on sports before can dive in and enjoy the experience without the learning curve and we are excited to finally be able to share it with the world.”

Unable to launch real money betting immediately while still awaiting regulatory approval from various government gaming authorities and issuance of online sports betting licenses, Betr decided he could gain vital promotional momentum by giving customers a taste of betting with play money now, a few months before Unlock the real thing.

When Betr launches a cash-based app, Ohio is expected to be the first state in which Betr is activated. company recently I applied for an online betting license in Buckeye State It announced its partnership with the Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company, based in Canton (home of the NFL Hall of Fame), which authorizes it to roll out the real money version once approved by the state.

Betr expects to announce future partnerships – and expected nationwide rollouts – in the coming weeks and months.

Small bets targeting younger generations

Both Paul and Levi believe that mini betting is ideally suited to attract the younger generations of potential sports bettors and will launch a marketing and promotional campaign targeting this new customer segment.

The company hopes to leverage Paul’s position as a leading social media influencer to drive user traffic towards the Betr app. Paul will manage the media arm of Betr, which will reach younger sports audiences and potential bettors through social media programming.

“I wasn’t into sports betting until I got to know the mini betting,” said Paul. Last month’s statement. “Small bets are TikTok’s way of sports betting and I’m excited to bring it to the masses through Betr. We’re in this for the long haul and focus on doing things the right way.”

DraftKings, a client of Levy’s Simplebet, was the first to enter microbes, but Levy believes Betr will be able to capture a significant market share despite the shadow of online gaming’s big brother.

In a post on MediumLevy noted that DraftKings chose to frame microbetting as a “feature within a supermarket of vintage sports betting products” — very different from being at the heart of the sports betting platform.

“If we think microbetting is going to be the dominant way to bet on sports in the US, someone should launch the world’s first microbetting focused app,” Levy said. “That’s why we started Betr.”

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