Hot Air Balloon Festival raises money for nonprofit Northern District

Hot Air Balloon Festival raises money for nonprofit Northern District

Anderson, South Carolina (Fox Carolina) – Rain prevented hot air balloons from rising into the sky as part of Hot air issue rises above cancer Sunday, but the weather didn’t quite dampen the weekend’s fundraising drive for the upstate nonprofit.

Balloonmeister Roger Clark explains what it’s like to be in a hot air balloon: “It’s amazing freedom, it’s peaceful.”

An escape from reality, that’s what Anderson Cancer Society Hopes to bring patients and survivors.

“This event brings awareness because people are going to go out to see the balloons, but as they go around the balloons and see the balloons they realize it’s for a great cause. They then start to see who we are and what we do,” said Angela Stringer, executive director of the Anderson Cancer Society.

The nonprofit helps cover the cost for those who live in Anderson County and are battling cancer.

Anything from gas to access to appointments, home medical equipment, medications, and more.

“Cancer damages your mental health, it damages your physical health and your financial health. So we are there to help people, not only financially, but we are helping emotionally as well,” Stringer explained.

Kim Fisher was diagnosed with colon cancer in late 2020.

She is one of more than 6000 people they worked with in 2021.

Fisher now works for a non-profit organization.

“The Cancer Society has been an inspiration to me. They were there for me with miles around. It was nice to know that someone was out and knew how lonely I felt when you were diagnosed with cancer,” she said.

But when you’re in a hot air balloon, that’s not the feeling the pilots want you to get.

“We want them to feel that I am not responsible for anything at this moment. You know, I don’t have to think about my cancer. I can think about how amazing it is to look down on cows from 1,000 feet, or look into a forest,” Clark said. or a river.

Another opportunity to catch hot air balloons, depending on the weather.

They are scheduled to be at the Williamston Municipal Center in Ballfields on Monday. September 5th starts at 6:45 a.m. until about 8 a.m.

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