ACE Program Offers Three-Way Global Certificate in Business Administration with Schools in China and Italy | GW today

ACE Program Offers Three-Way Global Certificate in Business Administration with Schools in China and Italy |  GW today

Written by Nick Erickson

A new triple-degree program will allow aspiring global business leaders to study at prestigious institutions in three capitals around the world during their undergraduate years. George Washington University in partnership with the University of Rome Louis University and Beijing Renmin University The program equips students with the critical and analytical skills needed in an increasingly connected world and marketplace.

Call ACE Program (America, China and Europe)Annually, it will offer 15 students per university to participate in this opportunity to delve into the social and business cultures of three different continents.

Students will apply early in the first semester on campus—the Request The deadline for ACE’s inaugural 2026 course is September 25 – and to spend their first year on their home campus before beginning their travels. They will study at Luiss in year two and renmin in year three before finishing at GW. The four-year programme, which will also allow students to obtain necessary graduation requirements from their home institutions no matter where they are in the world, culminates with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from all three schools.

GW School of Business (GWSB) Assistant Dean for Operations, Global and Experimental Education Brian Andriano This is a program for students who are eager to receive a worldly education, he said, a key element in distinguishing GW as a world-class campus.

“Multicultural capabilities are what we try to build in our students,” Andriano said. “Really, we prepare students for an incredibly global world and marketplace, so that when students graduate from an institution like GW, they are immediately able to work across national borders and in very diverse teams.”

Lewis began talks just before the pandemic as the Italian establishment found a need for future-ready global managers able to operate and interact in dynamic and multicultural environments. GW fits the partnership bill.

“The largest institution of higher education in Washington, D.C., the prestigious George Washington University, has been a natural choice for the American arm of the program that boasts not only a central location just streets away from the White House and the World Bank, but also a network of world-class academic opportunities, accessibility, and partnerships as well as To an impressive list of distinguished alumni,” Professor Lewis said. Antonio Magucci.

The ACE program offers a more sustainable education abroad and for a longer period of time. Applicants are not limited to current GWSB students. Successful candidates must demonstrate their ability to handle the requirements of such a long international commitment. Andriano pointed out that this does not necessarily mean that students have to hold a passport or have previous travel experiences abroad. They just need to show a willingness to engage in the cultural experiences at hand.

“The mission is really to provide an extension to students who are prepared for the most rigorous global learning that we can offer as an institution, and that is a deep, purposeful and comprehensive education in three very different regions of the world,” Andriano said. “There are some students who are set up to be able to do a program with this precision, and that’s what we look for in the application.”

Students in the program will have a unique experience on each campus where all curricula are catered to immersing participants in home culture, and students will also have the opportunity to build their CVs by applying for an internship abroad.

“Our students arrive at GW expecting a global education to be part of their experience, and This is what global education looks like. This is a 21st century program for highly advanced students.

Brian Andriano
GWSB Assistant Dean of Operations, Global and Experimental Education

One of the opportunities would be to take mother tongue classes at each institution, and each school would have its own academic opportunities. For example, at GW, students will take elective International Business courses and can interact with global business giants such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

“There is a very thoughtful progression, not only in terms of the courses that are required at any time for all degrees but also to make sure the courses that are unique to that institution are highlighted because as much as we share similarities, we also have our own kind of differentiation,” Andriano said.

The ACE program has a homeschool policy, and GW students can carry their financial aid into the program. In addition, work-study compensation will be available, so students who are eligible for work-study but cannot participate while abroad will receive a scholarship to cover these expenses. Air tickets will also be included, and housing will be provided to students at each institution.

Andriano, who was part of the second class as an undergraduate Benjamin A. Scholars. Gilman For Pell Grant recipients, GW student resources such as counseling and counseling services will also be available to overseas students.

Above all, the ACE program is designed to be accessible to any student who wishes to challenge themselves in an immersive environment while preparing for future success and making a difference.

“Our students arrive at GW School expecting global education to be part of their experience, and this is what global education looks like,” Andriano said. This is 21StreetCentury Program for Distinguished Students.

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