Attention to the money: Chelsea winners, losers and rankings like Dinamo Zagreb shock the blues rich

Attention to the money: Chelsea winners, losers and rankings like Dinamo Zagreb shock the blues rich

Kalidou Coulibaly:

The former Napoli defender has had about a month’s worth of games at Chelsea, and at no time has he looked like the towering presence that has dominated Serie A for so long.

Koulibaly was at least partially wrong in the opening match, with the Senegalese and Wesley Fofana on board. This, most likely, is the result of playing alongside a new teammate, as the two definitely need time to adjust to each other’s inclinations.

If it is in a vacuum, you can justify this goal. However, Koulibaly hasn’t quite looked at himself since coming to Chelsea, and this goal is only the latest example.

Is it just new club tension? Does he need more time to adjust to his new surroundings after so long in Naples? Or should Chelsea be more concerned?

Time will tell, but they will need Koulibaly at his best to move forward if they are to compete at the top level.

Chelsea attack:

It’s as if they were playing FIFA without the shoot button.

Every time Chelsea got into a dangerous situation, things got really nice. Kai Havertz, Raheem Sterling and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the junior trio, were either too selfish or not selfish enough that nearly every promising attack ended with Dynamo stepping in and clearing him.

It’s not just about the fact that Chelsea were left out by Zagreb, but how it was. Eight shots total, two on target, and very little else to be taken care of.

Romelu Lukaku is gone. So is Timo Werner. The club brought in stars such as Sterling and Aubameyang to breathe new life into an attack that was not good enough.

But things haven’t improved yet.

Thomas Tuchel:

Managers often get a lot of blame and a lot of credit. Players win matches after all. The manager’s job is just to prepare them to do that.

But Tuchel should receive some criticism for what we saw from Chelsea.

Hindsight is 20-20, of course, but the double axis of Mount and Kovacic will never work. Going back to the five-a-side system, Chelsea looked weak defensively and ignorant in attack against the Dynamo side that they should have controlled.

Part of that is down to the players, of course, who weren’t dexterous or decisive enough. But the blame must lie with the manager who continues to see his team struggle with the basics.

Despite the millions of dollars spent to bring in players, Tuchel’s Chelsea seem like a poor imitation of what could and should be.

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