University of Elon / Today at Elon / Seven full-time faculty members join the Love School of Business

University of Elon / Today at Elon / Seven full-time faculty members join the Love School of Business

The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business has welcomed new full-time faculty members into the Department of Economics and the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship.

The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business welcomed four full-time faculty and three visiting faculty in August 2022, bringing the school’s total full-time faculty to 68.

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Martha and Spencer Love at the College of Business Administration Professors Zahra Akbari, Mustafa Akpen, Lana Washka, Cora Weghair

The new full-time faculty members are:

  • Akbari flowerlecturer in economics
    • Bachelor’s degree from Bouali Sina University. Master’s degree from Islamic Azad University. MA, University of South Florida; Ph.D., University of South Florida
    • Scholarly interests: health economics, behavioral economics, drug use, racial/gender disparities, mental health, income inequality, labor economics.
  • Mustafa AkpenAssistant Professor of Administration
    • Bachelor’s degree from Marmara University. MA, University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., Temple University
    • Scientific interests: proactive, creativity, social network analysis, biohacking, machine learning
  • Lana WashkaAssistant Professor of Marketing
    • BA in Business Administration and Statistics, North Carolina State University; Ph.D., University of Georgia
    • Scientific interests: pro-social behavior, cognitive processing, digital marketing, consumer perception
  • Cora and changeassistant professor of economics
    • B.A., College of Worcester; MPP, Vanderbilt University; Northwestern University Ph.D
    • Scientific interests: education policy, labor economics
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Visiting Professors Su Dong and Jim Fatzinger (not pictured, Alessandro Perry)

Joining the Love School of Business as visiting faculty are:

  • so dongVisiting Associate Professor in Management
    • B.Sc., Shanghai University of Science and Technology; Ph.D., UNC-Charlotte
    • Join us from Fayetteville State University
    • Scientific interests: management information systems, operations management, database management systems, e-health policy
  • Jim WetzingerVisiting Associate Professor in Management
    • B.A. in Business Administration, University of Miami; MBA from the University of Miami; Ed.D., Vanderbilt University; University of Florida DBA
    • Join us from Eastern Kentucky University
    • Scholarly interests: resilience in the aftermath of natural disasters, business education, teaching and learning best practices, and higher education leadership
  • Alessandro PerryVisiting Assistant Professor in Administration
    • MBA from New York University; MA in Global Management, Thunderbird School of Management; M.A., Winthrop University; Ph.D., University of South Carolina
    • Join us from Winthrop University
    • Scientific interests: international sales, marketing, supply chain management, supply and trade of industrial goods

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