Verona entrepreneurs eye the economic impact of the Iron Man Triathlon

Verona entrepreneurs eye the economic impact of the Iron Man Triathlon

VERONA, Wisconsin (WMTV) – The Wisconsin Iron Man triathlon returns for its 20th year and is delivering an economic boost to businesses in the region.

According to Madison District Sports Commission Vice President Jimmy Patrick, the race brings in $3 million for Madison-area youth sports, hotels and other businesses that benefit from swimming, cycling and sprinting.

The Ironman bike part is located next to Jessica Laufenberg’s Rocket bike shop and N+1 Café.

Lofenberg said that without a triathlon, her run would not be successful.

“It definitely created the ability for us to grow, relocate and add a coffee shop to it,” she said. “It’s amazing seeing what stemmed from that, too.”

She completed her first Ironman in 2002 and turned her passion into a profit through the strong community surrounding the sporting event.

“A lot of people are doing Iron Man now for a purpose and for an end, and getting that community support was huge,” Lowenberg said. “It was just a group of 40 and we did the triathlon in the early 2000s and I went to Iron Man and there were five people who did it locally and now there are about 100.”

“With this we were able to build a marketing plan and sales plan to bring other events here to our residents for a higher quality of life,” Patrick said. “It leads us to win things like CrossFit games, USA Cross County national championships and all kinds of other events that we wouldn’t have here if Ironman hadn’t shown us that our community is ready and willing to host sporting events.”

The Wisconsin Ironman 6:45 a.m. begins with the swim portion on Lake Monona.

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