Cardano Will Reach The World’s No. 1 NFT & DeFi DApp Store

Cardano Will Reach The World’s No. 1 NFT & DeFi DApp Store

Cardano will soon land on DappRadar, the world’s leading dApp analytics platform. Announcing the same Across Twitter, the Lithuania-based service, has urged developers working on Cardano to submit their contracts.

“Cardano Dapp developers must submit format contracts and vault accounts in bech32 format only as they receive their tokens/fees,” the announcement read.

The team has also attached link forms for valid contracts as well as token accounts otherwise errors may lead to rejection in the application process.

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Cardano Will Reach The World’s No. 1 NFT & DeFi DApp Store

Launched in 2018, the platform led by CEO Skirmantas Januskas hosts approximately 12,150 dapps from over 48 protocols and has 1 million monthly users worldwide who use its platform to discover dapps and manage NFT/DeFi wallets.

This news comes after Cardano has overtaken XRP to take the seventh place in global market capitalization. However, the popular Proof of Stake blockchain has become the seventh largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $16.6 billion, while XRP has a market capitalization of $16 billion.

Cardano Network achieved the highest performance with 99.7%

The latest milestone is the result of positive sentiment among investors regarding Vasil’s long-awaited hard fork, stock exchange listings.

The other day, DIGI community member Rick McCracken, who is also the operator of the stock pool, shared that the network reached a peak performance of 99.77% when synced with the Vassil node filter 1.35.3 across 400+ reporting nodes.

“My normal observations were usually between 97 to 99%,” he added.

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Cardano Will Reach The World’s No. 1 NFT & DeFi DApp Store

Vasil hard fork relies heavily on the majority of block producing nodes running the latest 1.35.3 version. To activate the upgrade, the Cardano IOG developer has set a goal of 75% of the main network blocks generated by the final Vasil node filter.

At present, this scale has exceeded the target and has achieved more than 87% of the mass percentage.

Vasil’s upgrade is part of the Basho phase of Cardano’s roadmap that focuses on scaling and optimizing the network and ledger.

This is expected to lead to significant improvements with the hard fork fusion tool [HFC] Approach and increase network performance by increasing throughput, script efficiency, and reducing latency in block transfers.

As of now, several stakeholders, including SPOs, exchanges, and dApp projects, are upgrading their nodes and testing code and other Cardano components ahead of this month’s scheduled event.

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