Kannapolis Dog World needs to raise a lot of money to avoid closing

Kannapolis Dog World needs to raise a lot of money to avoid closing

KANAPOLIS, NC (WBTV) – Owners of the popular Kannapolis dog park say their short lease is keeping them under a short streak that could mean they’ll have to close the doors. Dog World owners acquired the park a little over a year ago, but the lease is up in a few months unless they can get a large down payment.

Fun puppies and daring dogs love the place. The owner described Dog World in Kannapolis as the absolute paradise for dogs. The problem is that the lease. Dana Colter and her family acquired the park from the original owner, but the lease is only valid until next January.

It’s a lease to buy, so if Dog World owners can get the cash, they can move forward with an ambitious five-year plan for improvements and expansion.

“The original owner signed a very short lease on this property,” Coulter said. “He took over from him in May 2021, so we’ve been in business for a little over a year to do that. With the short lease, the lease ends at the end of January. It’s a lease-to-buy, so we have the option to buy the property, but it’s the amount we We have to buy it and start working for a short period of time, it’s a pretty big deposit on an SBA loan that we’re hoping to get.”

There’s a dog-only pool, a waterslide, a pond, acres of fenced land for dogs to roam in, even a boardwalk that leads to a picturesque creek with sandy beach, all on 12 acres of the property formerly known as Kannapolis Theme Park.

“People come from far away, from all over the country to come here, there’s a lot of pressure, and then when they get here and they’re happy about it…that’s the best,” Coulter said.

a GoFundMe Page Money is raising, but there’s still a long way to go. Dana and her family have noticed how much the dogs and owners love Dog World, so they are committed to trying to keep it going and appreciate all the feedback so far.

“We have big, big plans which is that we know this property, we can make Dog World profitable year-round, be open year-round, and we just need to be able to get past that hurdle to buy the property,” Coulter added. “It was great. I’m just so touched and kind of humbled by it. Just to have something we’ve worked so hard for and believe that there are people beside us who believe and are willing to take money out of their pockets to help Dog World survive, it touches my heart and makes all the hardships.” Deserves all the effort.”

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