NFT moon cakes are hot off the shelf in the Mid-Autumn Festival

NFT moon cakes are hot off the shelf in the Mid-Autumn Festival

The perfect Mid-Autumn Festival snack in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, many consumers are drooling over this season.

Virtual mooncakes have emerged as the latest trend in this season’s highly coveted snack, with some costing hundreds of thousands of yuan. Pictures of NFT mooncake gift boxes have been circulating widely on social media, with an art studio promoting zero-calorie “air” cakes.

Read the moon cake poster from Wave Labs Art Studio Spread On the microblogging platform Weibo, adding that it is already sold out.

Snacking on mooncakes, along with other foods like hairy lobster, is one of the traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 10 this year. Over the years, companies have been targeting consumers with high-end and expensive mooncakes that come with fancy packaging.

were the authorities Choking on costly gift boxes to rein in a culture of bribery and reduce excessive waste. Earlier this year, the National Development and Reform Commission said 90% of packages of mooncakes are priced under 200 yuan ($30), with those over 500 yuan being closely monitored, and local media outlets reported. mentioned.

Now, technology companies, confectionery brands, and moon cake manufacturers are coming up with new ideas to attract more consumers.

Guangzhou, a 98-year-old restaurant, is partnering with food delivery platform to deliver 10,000 co-branded mooncakes between September 1-9. The state-owned China Post and Häagen-Dazs made ice cream flavored ice cream NFT . moon cakes In late July, which comes with real donuts.

Online, some social media users scoffed at the idea, while others viewed it as a form of investment. Last year’s NFT moon cake from e-commerce giant Taobao, which costs 1 yuan per piece, is now priced at 38,888 yuan on art exchange platform Metaverse X, according to to media reports.

However, the NFT boom and metaverse hype have experts worried amid the lack of regulations. Experts too warned From the risks of investing in NFT mooncakes, companies and consumers are required to be aware of fraudulent activities.

Editor: Bibek Bhandari.

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