NFT Weekly Football Reignmakers Newsletter at DraftKings Market

NFT Weekly Football Reignmakers Newsletter at DraftKings Market

To quickly jump into the Reignmakers Football Contest Lobby, please visit DraftKings NFT Games Page.

It’s almost time to watch your squad move up the leaderboard! But before we get all the action, be sure to follow the latest Reignmakers Football notes in this newsletter.

Privilege point information has always been available on the DraftKings Marketplace Discord, but now it has a new and improved home. The Landing Page Privilege Points It allows you to login on the page and instantly see your score at the top. There is also a leaderboard so you can see how everyone stacks up.

Privilege points are calculated using the rarity of player cards, deck, apprenticeship and boosts. Make sure to check out landing page For full details of each item in the point value calculation.

Finally, for privilege points, there are screenshots that qualify users for prizes. The LP It provides a full list of when the shots were taken and what all the prizes are.

If you missed qualifying in the current top 10,000 for this shot, don’t worry, another one is just around the corner. Next shot on 9/13 of the Momentum beam airdrop and the top 25,000 users will qualify. Be sure to bookmark this page for a quick reference to all upcoming picks.

Did you know that joining the VeeFriends League is free and there are some great prizes to get? Week 1 first place winners won the Series 1 Gratitude Gorilla while the 2nd and 5th place winners were Series 2 Innovative Impala, Daring Dragonfly, Truculent T-Rex and You’re Gonna Die Fly.

Don’t forget that the league lasts for four weeks and each week the top 1,000 contestants qualify for the Week 4 Grand Competition. So even if you don’t win anything in the first week, it still makes sense to go through the whole series.

What is GOO? GOOs are NFTs originally owned by Gary. Due to the transparent nature of the blockchain, anyone will always be able to check to see where these tokens came from and know that Gary was their original owner.

Fresh on Monday, goodbye because of the holiday, and Draft Kings Youtube The channel is back in operation with Chris Costa Crushing packages and engaging with the community. Costa discussed the latest franchise registry update and came to stream with three RARE and one ELITE bundles.

Check out this clip of his reaction after pulling off RARE Davante Adams:

With this newsletter back next Wednesday, be sure to join Chris on Draft Kings Youtube channel on Wednesdays and Fridays. You don’t want to miss any special ads.

As mentioned last week, the discord The team will also broadcast packet breaks with other community members. For now, the team will be holding breakout viewing parties with the community on Mondays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET.

Fill out this form if you want to guest-star on a broadcast:

We also provide full summaries of every Reignmakers Football live stream in case you are unable to attend. This includes bundle-by-pack scores, unique stats from hosts and guests and previews for future viewing parties.

Check out Matt Meiselman’s Watch Party Recaps from September 1 and August 31 for more information.

With the first week games approaching, the team finished at lucky trader He broke down all the important news, found some serious shortcomings in the market and analyzed the full list of Reignmakers Football.

If you missed it, Jason Bales also wrote this awesome piece on the top of his SuperStar steals last week and offered his thoughts on the player cards that featured him. Check the snippet in the CORE and RARE layers and then go to the article for ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER options.

The team has continued to compile market reports, and you can find each report here by date: 8/31, 9/1, 9/2.

Star Player special competitions

Friendly reminder to join the Super Player competitions for the first week if you haven’t already.

You can win the following player cards as prizes:

● TNF: Tom Brady

● Sunday Classic: Javonte Williams, Kenan Allen and Keeler Murray

● SNF: Russell Wilson

● Multinational Force: Austin Eckler

Links to all contests for each rare category can be found here.

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You must be 18 years of age or older in any of the 50 US states or Canada to purchase and sell NFTs on the DraftKings Marketplace.

*Must be 19+ years old in Alabama and Nebraska.

*You must be 21 years of age or older in the states of Iowa, Louisiana and Massachusetts.

Additional Access Requirements:

You must have a file Verified DraftKings account.

You must agree to DraftKings Market Terms of Use And the DraftKings Marketplace Privacy Policy Before dealing in the DraftKings Market.

Find more information about DraftKings Market? visit DKNation information page.

For more details and frequently asked questions, please refer to Around page or Help Center With FAQ.

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