Yongkin has no confusion about the racist politics in Maine

Yongkin has no confusion about the racist politics in Maine

I hope Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin decides what kind of leader he wants to be in regards to race. His mixed signals can cause you injury.

A few weeks ago, with much fanfare, Yongkin announced a unique partnership that will pump Resources and attention Petersburg, a long-struggling black majority city of 33,000 south of Richmond. It’s a hopeful moment for a place that has seen so much despair.

I wrote that despite the obvious policies involved in the partnership, people who live in Petersburg simply want results and welcome help.

However, the Republican governor, who has had less than a year in office, will fall behind on Wednesday from former Maine Governor Paul LePage, who Racist comments and violent threats against perceived opponents It has attracted national attention since at least 2016. This is Youngkin’s latest out-of-state trip, which is Continue to polish his national profile.

More on LePage’s unparalleled “magic” later.

However, Yongkin’s double-dealing approach to people of color is all there is to it. The Washington Post recently published a history His series of contradictions:

He has historically gone to black colleges to promote his plans for laboratory schools, but he has fought against the notion of “racial equality” in education policy.

He seems bewildered by the concept of justice, in fact, when it comes to recognizing the laws, practices, and customs that favored whites in Virginia and across the country. Watch the fact that his First Executive Order Critical race theory was banned, although the study of structural racism was not part of the K-12 public school curriculum in Virginia.

Yongkin worked with black ministers. But he appointed a state health commissioner, Dr. Colin Green, who said he felt discussing racism alienated whites. Affected by biased treatment and disparate health outcomes, African Americans were outraged.

(In one notable example nationwide, black doctor who later died of COVID-19 said a white female doctor downplayed her complaints of pain. Dr. Susan Moore was treated at a hospital in a suburb of Indianapolis, her comments were posted on Facebook).

The Washington Post article also included other examples of Yongkin incoherence.

I get it: being bound by a large portion of the electorate has its advantages. A focus on cultural issues, including public education, helped catapult Yongkin to the chair of governor. So is his decision to play shyly, During the Republican nomination processon whether he accepts the fact that Democrat Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump has repeatedly lied about the outcome, and his followers have demanded that candidates accept that lie as well.

This baffling for LePage, though, isn’t even necessary. Yongkin could polish his conservative goodwill and continue to push his name in front of voters across the country without the support of a bigot and bully.

You probably don’t know much about Maine, whose population of 1.3 million is much smaller than Virginia’s, or Lepage, a two-term former governor running for office again in the northeastern state. Unless you’re eating lobster in Maine, you probably don’t care.

There is no excuse for Yongqin to be ignorant, though, of the pejorative racism for which he would strike. Yongkin could have easily passed this trip and kept his powder for a more deserving republican.

“LePage’s greatest success” is a mixture of racist metaphors and other lies. He said More than 90% of people arrested for drug trafficking in Maine, 94% of whites, were black or Hispanic. The claim was not true, at least not according to the statistics he provided in its cover.

The former governor also called blacks and Latinos “the enemy” and said that many out-of-state drug smugglers passing through Maine “carried up a little white girl before they left.”

This latter claim is particularly sinister given the history of extrajudicial executions of black men in this country – often after false accusations of rape.

He left a threatening voicemail at the time for a Democratic state lawmaker. LePage said he longs for days when He could have killed the Democrat in a duel.

This year, on the campaign trail, LePage was at it again. He threatened to “manipulate” a member of the Democratic Party Which the candidate said he was getting too close to him.

A wonderful lesson, Mr. Lepage, for the children. Resorting to violence to settle disputes.

The Maine Democratic Party said the person who recorded the video is a research associate. Political parties often videotape their opponents, as they used to be Senator George Allen knows very well what happened in 2006.

When asked last week why Yongkin was going to Maine to support LePage, he told The Washington Post, “What I’m trying to do is help the Republicans win.” he said He was not aware of any controversy over Maine’s political speech.

This ignorance strains naivety. It is easy to find the public record on LePage. Just do an internet search.

Or ask your helpers to do this if you’re busy trying Latest red jacket 2022 edition.

Yongkin should have sat outside. Either he wants to help blacks and brunettes. Or the guv wants to use them as props and as a scapegoat.

He can’t get it both ways.

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