Skip the drying cycle to go green and save money | News, sports, jobs

Skip the drying cycle to go green and save money |  News, sports, jobs

Dear Helwas: Are you wondering how to save energy and electricity bills by using a dishwasher? Skip the drying cycle. Instead, with the final rinse cycle over, immediately open the door and pull the top rack out. Shake to get rid of excess water and wipe or pour the collected water over the bottoms of glasses and glasses.

Then, lower the rack. If the items are still hot enough from the last rinse, they’ll air dry very quickly, with fewer water spots than when they’d normally be sent through the drying cycle—especially because you got rid of most of the drips. Once it dries, put everything away for future use. Then, you can begin to refill the dishwasher with the next load of used dishes and utensils as they pile up. – Harvey Verstige, Augusta, Maine

Organizing parts during furniture assembly

Dear Heloise: Before assembling the furniture items, I put the small parts into the ice cube tray or egg carton in the order mentioned in the instructions. This makes it easy to find the right parts when needed. Barbara Griffith, Houston

sound off

Dear Heloise: I don’t like putting events in my cell phone calendar, because it’s not as visually present as my wall calendar. But, I needed appointments sometimes while I was abroad. So, I took a picture of the calendar on my phone’s camera. Now, I have it when I need it.

Also, I was having trouble finding the button on the steering wheel to answer incoming phone calls while driving. So, I cut a small piece of sticky velcro and glued it to the stain. Now, I can feel it quickly and never take my eyes off the road. – Grandma adapting to the modern world, New Hampshire

wine glasses

Dear Heloise: I’m downsizing, so I’ve had several glasses of wine to throw away. I packed it up and gave it to the local liquor store owner so she could sell it through a wine vending. I read your column every day in American Republican, which is published in Waterbury, Connecticut. – Carolyn McDonough, Canaan, Connecticut

fresh strawberry

Dear Helois: Empty fresh packets of strawberries into a bowl of water with about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and soak them for about an hour. Next, line and layer between strips of tissue paper in the original box and place in the refrigerator. Rinse it before eating. This keeps them fresh longer. – Jo Ann Michetti, via email

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