The all-in-one portal for Web3 and NFT games

The all-in-one portal for Web3 and NFT games

LOS ANGELES, CA, Sep 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – P2E.Game is an information aggregator for GameFi and NFT, where users can get a panoramic view of the P2E space with comprehensive and timely updates to both projects and industry. We aim to lead the Web3 revolution by meeting user needs ranging from knowledge and education to insights on launchers, GameFi, NFT and SocialFi projects.


With the vision of setting up Web2 players before Web3 was widely adopted, P2E.Game launched a number of related features while in beta. After months of beta testing, more than 100,000 users have rated P2E.Game. Striving for a better Web3 experience that meets the needs of Web3 and Web3 users. Also, P2E.Game offers several key components to help developers and projects. At present, P2E.Game has reached strategic partnerships with many famous NFT and GameFi projects to form a strong multi-dimensional alliance. For the upcoming expansion initiative, P2E.Game will create an open, transparent and easy-to-use platform. To better spread awareness of Web3 games and more Web3 players on board, P2E.Game is also looking for high-quality projects and KOLs in the field of Web3 games to collaborate with and grow together. Just send us a message at if we are interested in you. Also, feel free to join the community for the latest updates and airdrops.


P2E.Game Launchpad

If you are looking to play or learn more about already launched projects, P2E.Game has you covered. The platform’s GameFi & NFT information aggregator provides real-time, up-to-date information about entry requirements and the period of time that users can participate in to get paid from an initial dex offer (IDO).

In addition to offering players a comprehensive knowledge base, P2E.Game provides opportunities for projects. Projects can reach a P2E.Game audience by placing their game on the included playboard or playboard, or listing the game directly on P2E.Game. This can help projects find their target users better and help develop a community and follow through on what they are building.

P2E Intelligent Game Library

In the game library, P2E.Game collects more than 95% of GameFi projects. For high-quality projects, P2E.Game will also open a highlight area to increase the visibility of the projects. Accordingly, the research team at P2E.Game has also launched a project review and scoring feature using AI analytics and algorithms. If you are looking for a more effective offering in the field of Web3 games, feel free to write to us at

NFT . complex

With the NFT Aggregator, players no longer need to switch between multiple NFT platforms to learn about different projects. P2E.Game collects popular NFT projects from various major platforms to help users choose projects. Players can be redirected to desired projects in P2E.Game.

E2E feature (email to earn)

P2E.Game will introduce an E2E (Email To Earn) feature that connects projects directly to users. In P2E.Game, projects can communicate directly with users, which enhances users’ understanding of the project and also enhances the brand awareness of the project among users, ensuring that it is effective and going to the right people. In return, users can take advantage of these activities, either through freebies or other promotions within the mission center. All of this can happen on P2E.Game without the need to constantly update Twitter.

News section

P2E.Game has released important news and selected reports on GameFi and NFT space, whether it is a new investment event or a public test conducted by a project, allowing players to get the most valuable information on the market in a short period of time. In the news section, players can directly judge the popularity of the project by their likes for each news. It enables them to save inefficient browsing time, learn and join new projects on time, get accurate market information, receive information about whitelist and airdrop of potential Game-Fi projects.

In order to accelerate the global expansion of Web3 Games, P2E.Game initiates a marketing plan by introducing high-quality projects to seek partnerships, providing the most comprehensive knowledge about P2E and NFT games and building an all-in-one GameFi and NFT information complex.









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