RENGA, Hello Kitty World, Grails, and more

RENGA, Hello Kitty World, Grails, and more

Traversing the world of non-fungible items is a daunting task. With so many new NFT projects, artists, and large-scale groups popping up every week, it’s almost impossible to keep up with each subsequent development.

In the past, a simple browsing of OpenSea was enough to find the latest NFT craze. But things have changed drastically since the NFT boom of 2021. Now, NFT fans should be very aware of what and where they collect.

To help discover NFT’s amazing endeavors both new and old, nft now offers an understated article: a weekly column highlighting the innovative projects, groups, and artists pushing the NFT space forward.

Collage of RENGA NFTs in front of the RENGA logo
A set of RENGA NFTs. credit: RENGA

LAUNCH RENGA September 2, 2022is a large-scale PFP project created by a freelance illustrator and comedian dirty robot. Heading over 10,000 NFTs, the group is steadily growing as owners of RENGA black box NFTs Copy their tokens against RENGA PFP, created in the unique style of Dirty Robot.

While the combustion/claiming mechanics of RENGA is something we’ve certainly seen before in the NFT space, RENGA itself offers a uniquely new form of community building through storytelling. Each time the black box is burned, a generated avatar is revealed, described as a building block for the “enduring and creative storyteller through all current mediums, and those yet to be identified” that is RENGA.

Hello Kitty and Friends World has been launched in August 25 2022, is the first major NFT kit from the famous Japanese brand Hello Kitty. established in In cooperation with RECURHello Kitty and Friends World is a tech company that designs and develops personalized experiences for brands on the blockchain, Hello Kitty and Friends World is a collectibles campaign and 3 interactive web experience.

Hello Kitty collectors and Friends World NFTs have a lot to love: First, they get a chance to own a piece of Hello Kitty history. But they also participate in challenges and get rewards. Through the Hello Kitty World Marketplace, users can send their NFT characters on stamp-collecting adventures from different virtual cities that can be traded for for limited edition prizes. benefit? Learn more from Hello Kitty and Friends World website.

Grails PROOF Collective logo
Grails PROOF Collective logo. Credit: PROOF Collective

Grails launched in February 25 2022, is a 45-issue collection of art pieces from 45 different artists divided into two separate seasons, each curated by the PROOF collective. Initially, the identities of the artists within the group were concealed, only to be revealed after the mint’s window closed.

While Grails NFTs were originally only collectible by those who owned a PROOF . group membership cardholders can immediately trade Grails on the secondary market, of course, with the risk of accidentally trading away a rare piece from a coveted crypto artist. The group, consisting of 2,214 NFTs (1036 from season one and 1,178 from season two), was quickly overshadowed by MoonBirds, but remained a solid part of the PROOF ecosystem.

Lil Pudgys, launched in December 19 2021, is the NFT series accompanying the coveted Pudgy Penguins set. Featuring 22,222 possible NFTs, Lil Pudgys originally heralded the expansion of the Pudgy Penguins world, while creating an economical way for NFT enthusiasts to join the Pudgy community.

Although Lil Pudgys trading has seen some dry spell as the Pudgy Penguins project gets fixed in 2022, the accompanying series has started to see some price hikes along with its predecessors. There is still a lot to the imagination regarding the companion group, but as things progress with the world of Penguin, Lil Pudgys will likely remain a low-value way to join the community.

A set of types of ABC NFTs
A variety of Abracadabra NFTs. credit: abracadabra

Abracadabra, better known as ABC, is a large-scale Solana PFP set created for the simple reason of reminding NFT collectors how much fun childhood can be. Comprising 10,000 NFTs, the collection was launched in August 22 2022of notorious Collector/investor NFT 9x9x9 cross him SOL HGE nickname.

Over the years, the meaning of NFTs has changed and evolved. Although it is generally seen as being about money and art, the NFT space has a lot more to offer than profit and prosperity. Using ABC, 9x9x9 seems to issue a callback to the basics of collectibles and how it’s, first and foremost, about fun. The images that make up the ABC collection are reminiscent of the scribbles of school-age children, and give ABC a unique, carefree aesthetic.

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