Warning about the Kansas City contractor who took the money, ran

Warning about the Kansas City contractor who took the money, ran

KANSAS CITY, MO – Ella Lane’s roof was in desperate need of repair. She had hoped Mark Wilson of TLC Construction would be the right man for the job, but she was wrong.

Wilson promised to start putting on a new roof for her home in Ruskin Heights once she paid him a $2,000 deposit. Most legitimate bishops do not require a deposit. Unfortunately, Lynn didn’t know and gave Wilson the deposit that day. Never see Wilson again.

Every time Lynne Wilson called, he had a new excuse why he hadn’t started roofing her house.
Lynn said she was told, “He had an accident.” “He was in the hospital. There was a murder where he was living.”

Then Wilson stopped answering her calls. That’s when Lynn contacted troubleshooter FOX4, hoping we could help her get her money back.

We called Wilson to hear his side.

“I was in the hospital with a truck wreck,” Wilson said.

The problem solver told Wilson that if he was too sick or injured to do the job, he should return her $2,000. Then Wilson claimed that he actually paid Lynn the $1,800.

Lane denied getting a dime, but Wilson assured us he could provide proof. He was either sending us an email or delivering the documents.

We waited several weeks, but Wilson did not send us anything and did not stop answering our phone calls.

And we are not the only ones who have shaded them.

“He ran away with my money,” said Shwantee Grimm, a hard-working single mother who lives in the North with her children.

Grimm said she paid Wilson a $400 deposit to replace the electrical box and wiring outside her home. He promised to do the job that very day.

“He told me he was well known in the city and city council and could withdraw the permit the same day,” Grimm said.

After receiving the deposit, Grimm said she never saw Wilson again. She had to pay another company to do the job. Perhaps that’s a good thing because FOX4 Problem Solvers couldn’t find a major electrician license on Wilson’s file with Kansas City. A license is required to withdraw a permit for major electrical work.

“It’s really frustrating,” Grimm said of Wilson. “I have two kids. Like, why are you doing this? You lie constantly.”

Grimm attempted to sue Wilson in small claims court, but the mayor was unable to find him to serve him. Both Grimm and Lane have also filed complaints with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, which is investigating the matter.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that FOX4 problems cannot solve, but what we can do is warn others and provide Mark Wilson and TLC Construction with a permanent spot in the FOX4 Problem Solvers Hall of Shame.

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