Lee’s Godsey, Music Business Explores the Leading Edge of Audio

Lee University student Joel Godsey has implemented a new sound mixing technology in his first project with a program called Dolby Atmos.

“East Tennessee may not be the number one geographic area people think of when it comes to state-of-the-art recording and recording studios and a professional approach to sound mixing, but we’re excited about everything that’s happening here at Lee, and it’s totally worth celebrating.” Dr. Luke Gambill, Music Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Music.

As the music business majors approach their final year, they have multiple options to choose from for their first project. Someone is producing a custom EP from start to finish deliverables. According to Dr. Gambill, students have been doing this process for years, but Mr. Godsey decided to learn how to use Dolby Atmos, a program that radically changes the way people hear and perceive music and used this mixing technology to create a truly immersive audio experience for his listeners.

“During my time at Lee, I acquired many different skills, such as bass, production and synthesizer, and wanted to produce a great project that reflected all of that.” Mr. Godsey said. Lee alum invited Kadison Beaver to co-produce this project with him, along with several friends to be cast on the EP. After spending many hours laying tracks, editing, and mixing, he completed his stereo mix and started working with Atmos.

Godsey wanted to use Atmos specifically for his song “Iscariot,” the a cappella tune in the middle of a retro pop album. “Iscariot tells the story of the disciple’s grief after Judas’ betrayal, and what better way to drown the listener in his emotions than to have them literally all around you!” Mr. Godsey said.

With the help of Jim Baldree, a professional mixing engineer and one of Lee’s internship supervisors, Godsey was able to implement his idea. Iscariot begins with one voice in the middle soon joined by 10 others tightly around the solo voice. Mr. Baldree showed Mr. Godsey how to use Atmos to gradually surround the listener by intentionally placing sound “objects” to make the track more interesting. “I told Joel that Atmos is a great opportunity for him because it’s a new technology for everyone, including professional mixers that bring together the biggest hits,” said Mr. Baldree.

“These are the kinds of experiences we’re thrilled to provide our students with knowing there’s a new generation of music business leaders coming out of Lee University!” Dr. Gambill said.

For more information about Lee’s music business program, visit www.leeuniversity.edu/academics/music/music-business/.

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