Rapper Tyga is being sued for breach of contract on Project NFT

Rapper Tyga is being sued for breach of contract on Project NFT

NFT has sued rapper Tyga over breach of contract on a project.

The chart owner allegedly became a ghost at a half-million chance, as he was supposed to create a custom set of digital art shows around his image and likeness.

According to Yahoo! entertainmentKreation Technologies says the rapper bailed out of the deal and halted the $500,000 effort. Tyga received a $100,000 signing bonus.

Evidence that at one point Tyga was with him can be seen in the press release that was dropped on June 16, 2022.

It reads in part that “Ten Thousand TYGA” is the star’s latest foray into the NFT space and his first foray into the contemporary world of CryptoArt with Kreation Partners. “

“With the explosion of the trend towards digital memorabilia,” she continued. “TYGA is creating a special NFT collection for its fans, inspired by the iconic tombs of the ancient pharaohs with a futuristic tech atmosphere.”

The announcement came days before he released a controversial video with YG for their new song “Run” which also featured Bia and 21 Savage. AllHipHop.com reported that the video showed YG and Tyga in white Chicks-style wigs and makeup, dancing on the track while sitting in a bright red Porsche.

The lawsuit says that an artist “too much” was supposed to “facilitate the design, creation, production, marketing, sale and distribution of NFTs in exchange for the use and incorporation of TYGA’s name, image, likeness, music and artwork.”

He was supposed to make three “drops”. One drop would have had 10,000 unique NFTs. Another one will feature 75 unique NFTs. The last drop is to create an exclusive NFT for just one mega buyer.

The auction was scheduled to begin on June 17 at Mavic Eden at 5 p.m. (GMT).

Thus, the artist’s participation was said to be “critical to the success” of the project.

The complaint also said that they need Tyga to “take advantage of his status and general followers to endorse and gain exposure” to help sell NFTs to fans when they fall.

Tyga’s breach is directly related to his failure to post about the project on social media, specifically Instagram and Twitter, his failure to give press interviews, and his failure to appear in several Twitter Space conversations and Reddit “Ask Me Anything” forums.

Kreations says Tyga did nothing to promote art on Drops Day, failing to “materially participate in the promotion and marketing of the project”.

Tyga did not respond to the lawsuit.

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