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NFTs Sold Over 1,000 This Week – CryptoMode

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It was an exciting week for the cryptocurrency markets, which affected the overall sales of NFT. Most of the top sales this week are for Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs – although many BAYC NFTs have changed as well. There are also spotlights for Pale Blue Death, RAREPEE, and CryptoPunks.

The other act of sales the other side are still bonkers

There is a lot of interest in the upcoming metaverse for BAYC and MAYC owners, called Otherside. The initial NFT sale to Metaverse nearly crashed the Ethereum network, sending gas fees into the stratosphere. It seems that those who minted one of the assets of this group are ready to withdraw money, as the prices have become rather attractive.

This week, several other NFTs were exchanged on the other side of the Earth. The first tier fetched 180 ETH – or $310,000 – making it the highlight of the past seven days. For some, spending that amount of money on a virtual plot of land makes sense. Others will shake their heads in disbelief and wonder why anyone would go so far for something that doesn’t exist yet.

Unsurprisingly, there were a few Otherdeed sales this week. No other transaction exceeded $300,000 in value, although there were transfers of $228,000, $180,000 and $161,000. These sums are large and put all other groups to shame. However, one must wonder if the value paid for these NFTs is a smart investment, as price floors will rise and fall over time.

The only NFT that breaks the dominance of the Otherdeed is the “pale blue death”. It is a unique, non-replaceable 1 of 1 code generated by AlphaCentauriKid. Although it is listed at 201 ETH – or $305,000 – I found a buyer within hours. The buyer immediately sent him to BurnAddress, although it remains unclear what will happen to him in the future.

Other notable NFTs are being purchased

Looking beyond these big numbers, there were a few good sales near the $150,000 mark. Rare – Nakamoto, No. 263, sold for over $158,000. This is rather interesting, although it would be nice to see more interest in this group. Several CryptoPunks – #7386, 6748 and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs – #483, 5344, 3969, #5622 – were sold for between $141,000 and $153000.

Eager eyes may notice that the same groups continue to make headlines in this space. With hundreds of groups streaming into OpenSea weekly, one would expect some new projects to notice high value sales. However, that is not the problem yet, and it seems unlikely that much will change. Whoever missed a BAYC, CP, or Otherdeed has no luck hitting it big unless you secure a 1 of 1 piece somehow.

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