Society raises funds to cover the expenses of the mother and son killed in the Desoto crash

Society raises funds to cover the expenses of the mother and son killed in the Desoto crash


The community came together to help cover the expenses of the mother and son who were killed in the Desoto crash on September 2.

Mother Kyle Hampton and son Kyle were murdered. Her husband James and another son were injured and are still recovering in the hospital.

Desoto crash
The Hampton family (credit: WINK News)

The Arcadia community showed up at a tractor-supply parking lot to support a mother and son who passed away a week ago.

Now, James’ brother, Nathan, is using his mobile barbecue business to support his brother and nephews and raise money for funeral costs and medical bills.

“We are so confused and grateful to our communities for coming out and helping us at such a tragic time. This event is to help both families, the Griffin family, and the Hampton family. Right now we have sold 200 ribs, with dinners and all those six boxes,” said Nathan. of chicken.”

Line wraps around the parking lot in the southwest Florida heat. Teachers, parents, paramedics and friends paid homage to the mother and son.

Ray, a family friend, said, “She helped a lot in society. She did. She would help a lot of people if they really needed something. She would literally give her shoes to you. I mean, that’s the kind of person she was. I mean, she did.” So much for the community.”

Family friend Georgia Sutton used to work with Kylie.

“People are reviewing today in support of the Hampton-Griffin family, because of the incident that happened last Friday. Well, Kaylee was just such a staple of the community, and anyone had any kind of tragedy and she was the first to come forward to take fundraising kits. That’s pretty much what We’re doing here today is The Kylie and Kyle Show,” Sutton said.

The streak continued to grow from morning until afternoon. The people were here regardless of whether they knew Kaylee and Cail because of the impact they had left.

“We’re just overwhelmed with support and all that Kaylee loved. Her son Kaylee was love. My brother was love. James Hampton was loved. We were all loved. They were all community folk. That’s what we do. You know, any time there’s some kind of event.” Or the tragedy, we all gather as you can see, and you want to get these people out here. You can see the flow of our community. You can see the flow of people just gathering,” Nathan said.

“It only hurts me to see the loss. I mean, it would leave a hole in Arcadia because like I said she was always up for the people. It means a lot to the people who are in such a small, tight-knit community and the idea of ​​losing her son Caio. I used to watch him a little when he was younger and it was just like It breaks my heart at his loss, you know, and anything I can do as a mother to help bring peace to that family,” said Sutton.

All the money raised today will help cover family funeral costs and medical bills.

And there will be another event taking place at the Elks in Arcadia next week to celebrate the lives of Kaylee and Cail.

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