CMIT CEO: MSP Franchise Business Reaches $100 Million

CMIT CEO: MSP Franchise Business Reaches 0 Million

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Each owner owns his own website. … they come into our system and we launch them. We spend a lot of time teaching them how to market, sell and deliver MSP services, says Roger Lewis, CEO of CMIT Solutions.

Franchising: Breaking Barriers to MSP’s Business

In IT, there is no such thing as the lure of recurring revenue.

MSPs traditionally entered businesses after a few years, or sometimes decades, of selling and delivering hardware and software, while others channeled their IT services expertise from years working at service providers or vendors into their own businesses.

However, some entrepreneurs may jump right into forming their own MSPs through franchising. One franchise operation that has focused exclusively on helping entrepreneurs build their MSP practice is CMIT Solutions in Austin, Texas which, according to CEO Roger Lewis, has found the formula to help others become MSPs.

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CMIT provides all the support and tools, along with a partner network that includes vendors such as Microsoft, Dell, Lexmark, Intuit, Barracuda and Kaseya-Datto, necessary to get started with MSP, Lewis told CRN.

Potential MSPs, Lewis said, “Come into our system, launch them. We spend a lot of time teaching them how to market, sell, and deliver MSP services. There’s ongoing training. We connect them with partners, solutions, and the IT group, and really educate them on how to achieve success in the IT field.”

CMIT already has more than 250 areas covered in the United States by MSPs and continues to grow. The company is also franchising its first Canadian MSP as part of a pilot project to expand into this country. And the company is growing. Lewis said franchise-wide revenue this year hit $100 million for the first time. Craftsmen Capital acquired the company in December 2018 and has not taken any outside investment since then.

Here’s what Lewis had to say about CMIT and the franchise aspect of MSP’s business.

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