MPs say Polk County man asks for money and pees on victim

MPs say Polk County man asks for money and pees on victim

Polk County, Florida (WFLA) – A Polk County man has been arrested and charged with urinating on a family after his demands for money were left unanswered, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Appearing intoxicated, Representatives Enrique Alvarez Salinas, 18, of Auburndale, said he “approached” a family when they arrived at their home in the Georgia and 17th Street area in Barto on Sunday evening.

Representatives said Álvarez Salinas solicited money from the family while swinging a beer bottle at one of the victims. Despite the family’s attempt to calm Enrique, deputies said he urinated on the victim and in front of the victim’s house.

When the victim’s friends arrived home, Enrique jumped in his truck and sped up.

Soon, Barto Police Department officers discovered Enrique’s car, which exploded through several stop signs, crashed into a car, continued to flee, and eventually crashed a second time into Ney Jordan’s park.

Representatives said Enrique tried to escape on foot but was tracked down by a PCSO K-9 unit.

Authorities added that Enrique continued to resist when he punched K-9 Ketchum and attempted to punch Ketchum’s deputy.

The MP and K-9 were not injured.

Barto police arrested and charged Enrique with theft with a weapon, leaving the scene with injury, genital exposure, battery, and resistance. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office charged him with violent resistance, assaulting a law enforcement officer, and hitting a police dog.

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