New tech headquarters coming to York

New tech headquarters coming to York

New York, Pennsylvania (WHTM) – Another headquarters is coming to Midstate, and again, it’s coming to York. What seems to be attracting so much business in the White Rose City?

“I get asked a lot: How did we choose York?” said Stephen Tekotte, CEO of Ocean 10 Security. One of the reasons the company is moving to York is the “wonder factor” of the building it’s moving into – the old Citizen’s Bank building in Continental Square.

“When you look up, you see this big ceiling. You’re just frustrated. It’s so cool,” said Teecaut.

He started teaching at the Ocean 10 Security program in Nigeria. It has its headquarters in North Carolina. York will be based in the northeastern United States.

The company sells portable security cameras that they call tsunami. Her move to York will mean jobs, though there aren’t a lot of jobs, as computers do a lot of the work. This means that the building has more space than it needs.

“Our tech company will be on the third floor. It will be sort of tucked away in the back. We will be doing a lot of work here, but the space will be for the public.” The building might become a co-working space for the restaurant, something to engage the community.

“I think nationwide after COVID, you will see important small offices in important places,” said Blanda Nass, York’s chief opportunity development officer. “This is not a suburban office park. This is real life – people are walking the streets, coming down to lunch, having a drink after work.”

Another nice thing, say the participants in the move, is that the York Redevelopment Authority can take the money from the sale of the building and invest it in disadvantaged areas of the city.

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