ONBUFF announces the launch of the Ragnarok NFT Sale and

ONBUFF announces the launch of the Ragnarok NFT Sale and

SEOUL, Korea, September 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ONBUFF has announced the launch of the sale and auction of a non-fungible Ragnarok (NFT) token for a limited edition NFTs. ONBUFF will open a new market for NFT in INNO, a blockchain content platform for P2E game users and NFT enthusiasts, in [14th, September]. Pre-registration for the sale of NFT on the INNO platform began on September 1st. With the ONBUFF NFT Marketplace, users can play games, exchange game points and tokens, manage their wallets, and purchase NFTs on a single platform. The NFT Limited Edition Auction will allow users to pre-order and bid on the original ONBUFF NFT with many facilities in the INNO platform. Last April, the ONBUFF project team launched its first P2E game, Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT, in collaboration with Gravity Game Link to use Ragnarok IP for the first time on web3. Pre-registration for this game has exceeded 1 million players.

“To celebrate the market opening, a limited NFT auction will be held at the INNO NFT Marketplace, and an NFT airdrop event will be held for all users of the INNO platform. If you interact with the INNO platform and ONBUFF, you will have greater chances of winning,” said an ONBUFF spokesperson:

ONBUFF is developed to monetize various global IP addresses based on blockchain technology. It aims to connect IP addresses with the new blockchain technology, expanding its market from a traditional area to an evolutionary area where users are more involved and connected through the project. The ONBUFF Marketplace has several unique offerings that separate it from other NFT markets, including exclusive to earn NFT (P2E) game sales using Ragnarok IP, low gas costs, high speed connectivity using the Polygon network, and a 0% opening celebration fee market.

For more information on ONBUFF, go to www.onbuff.com.

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