Bitcoin (BTC/USD) – Canadians Can’t ‘Back Out of Inflation’ With Bitcoin: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Slams Opposition

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) – Canadians Can’t ‘Back Out of Inflation’ With Bitcoin: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Slams Opposition

A current global leader is attacking a candidate opposing his views on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Here’s the latest news on Canadian politics and how cryptocurrency likes could play a role in the 2025 prime minister’s election.

What Happened: Justin Trudeau He has been Canada’s prime minister since 2015, winning the 2015 and 2019 elections and a special election in 2021. Trudeau, who has led the Liberal Party since 2013, will face opposition from the Conservative Party in the 2025 election.

Pierre Boiliver He is the head of the Conservative Party and has been a supporter of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Bitcoin / US Dollar With calls for Canadians to invest in the sector to avoid inflation.

Trudeau attacked Poilievre in a speech earlier this week, as reported Decrypt.

“Attack the institutions that make our society just, secure and free is not responsible leadership,” Trudeau said.

The current prime minister has argued that his opponent’s attacks on the government to deal with spending and the pandemic response to COVID-19 and other areas show that Canada’s interest may not be backed by Poilievre.

“Telling people that they can pull out of inflation by investing their savings in volatile cryptocurrencies is not responsible leadership.”

Trudeau added that anyone who followed Poilievre’s advice and invested in Bitcoin “would have seen their life savings destroyed.”

Why is it importantPoilievre was elected leader of the Conservative Party with 68% of the party vote. One of his major campaign promises focused on lowering inflation.

The neo-conservative leader has appeared on several bitcoin podcasts and made his stance on the leading cryptocurrency well known.

The constant supply of bitcoin (21 million coins) is a key point for Bolivier in his campaign to tighten fiscal policy and use the cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation.

“The government is destroying the Canadian dollar, so Canadians should be free to use other money, like Bitcoin,” Poilievre said in March.

The Conservative Party leader hopes to make Canada the “world capital of blockchain technology.”

Earlier this year, Canada put in place emergency powers that included the ability to seize cryptocurrencies as part of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules.

The 2025 prime ministerial election in Canada could be shaping up to be one to be followed around the world where you’ll see Bitcoin person-to-person fight against cryptocurrency.

BTC price movement: Bitcoin is trading at $20,199.55 at the time of writing.

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