Kosciusko Kettleheads’ motto is “Prepare well, do good,” and with Homebrew Fest 11, they will continue to do so.

It’s September 24, 5-9 p.m., on Buffalo Street in downtown Warsaw, with all proceeds benefiting shared community services.

“We have a large tent. The purchase price — which is basically a donation — gives you a tasting glass and access to dozens of locally made beers and ciders. As much as you want to try,” Kettleheads president Jason Rich said.

Tickets are $25 online and $35 at the gate. The link can be found online at CCSgives.com or through the website at https://checkout.square.site/buy/6OWOK3WRAWTF2OALMLRJMREC.

In the past 10 years, Rich estimates that the Kettleheads have raised about $60,000 for CCS.

“We have this ability to make beer and brew things, which is a wonderful and horrible hobby at the same time, but our motto is ‘well prepare, do good.’ If you have a skill, especially if you really love it, see if you can put it to good use. So, that’s what we all do, and so once a year we ferment things that we usually ferment, or do not normally ferment; some things that we really know we like to do well or things that we want to make that are special and serve in It’s so much fun seeing people…and pouring beer on them,” Rich said.

This year, there will be many pelicans, IPAs, a lot of Belgian beers and a lot of flavored beers.

“At least one of our members likes to see how much candy he can cram into a beer,” Rich said.

There will be very light beers, very heavy dark beers, and more. “It runs a whole chain. There’s not one style or type of beer. There’s absolutely everything there, and there are about thirty of them,” Rich said.

This year is a little different because HopLore and Ledgeview breweries will also be on hand with some of their offerings.

“They made some Oktoberfest-style beers that they’re going to pour with us, and all these guys started out as home brewers too, and now they have their own breweries. It would be great fun to pour next to those breweries,” Rich said.

The main sponsor of this year’s beer festival is Louis Salvage, said Keira Churchill, CCS Community Outreach Coordinator. There are also sponsorships from Maple Leaf Farms, Crossroad Bank, Blue Note Design, The Spectacle Shoppe, and Dr. Michael Lyons of Parkview.

Getting sponsors is a huge help, she said, “because when people come to the gate to pay their entrance fee, 100% of that money goes to CCS as a donation.”

Churchill said the money raised would likely go toward a mix of needs at CCS.

“Right now, we’re seeing the highest numbers we’ve seen even during times of COVID, so the need is great in our pantry, and the need is great in our own assistance. So we’re helping offset the cost of NIPSCO, REMC, LP Gas and we’ll even help in some circumstances.” “In the month of August alone, we saw 651 families working in our food pantry, and so far, we have just over $22,000 we helped with the facilities so far.”

Churchill said that some families asking for help report that inflation plays a big role, but there are also families who are underemployed, conditions such as medical needs they may face or a combination of factors.

“People have to choose: Do I buy groceries this week, or do I pay the rent? Do I pay utilities or do I get dog food? There are a lot of things they have to choose or give in to,” she said.

She said the money raised through the beer festival would be a huge help for CCS to help others.

“The festival has expenses and we brewers donate all the beer. That’s a lot of grain, a lot of ingredients, but there are still expenses for tent and glassware and other things, so we are really grateful to the sponsors for helping us defray the costs of these things,” Rich said.