Melania Trump NFT Decorations Makes Me Want To Cancel Christmas

Melania Trump NFT Decorations Makes Me Want To Cancel Christmas

Many people have saved Christmas over the years: some green, furry jerk played by Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger (and to a lesser extent Sinbad), Tim Allen (both before and after cocaine), a bunch of scary clay characters From the 1960s, the name of a religious fanatic Kirk Cameron Apparently, now with the help of nothing but Melania TrumpNFTs will carry out this true American rite of passage.

As I mentioned before (you guessed it) Fox NewsAnd the The former First Lady threatened us with her own line of Christmas paraphernalia, which includes physical ornaments but also NFTs. These, according to, are meant to embody “hope” and “inspiration.” [your] Loved ones with positive goals, aspirations, and values ​​as we head into the new year.” Because nothing says family synergy like failing to explain the “irreplaceable” to your Mao before she embarks on her well-deserved nap.

If you are into that sort of thing, the NFT cash will be minted on Solana Blockchain and can be redeemed with a purchase physical decor. Naturally, NFTs can be purchased and displayed as tokens to your Melania fan, or resold to the highest bidder. Most NFTs are available through a platform called USA Memorabilia which hosts other fun digital artwork such as “POTUS TRUMP GROUP. “

On the other hand, physical ornaments can only be displayed on your physical tree to reinforce the divisive and destructive discourse of the family. Merry Christmas!

More like mistle not – So what does the NFT decoration that Melania Trump imagined look like, you (unfortunately) wonder? Well, buckle up, because you are in for a web3 miracle.

Like my purely theoretical children, I equally love all Trump decorations, but I’m particularly fond of “Happy Birthday.” Don’t say “be the best”, please, they are not emotionally developed enough to deal with the truth.

There’s just something about non-fiction flatness in all that gives me all the warm mystery of an electronic greeting from a stranger’s uncle, or an email thread about a fundraiser for a church my parents made me go to when I was a kid.

Looks like the gold star was designed by Melania herself! Fun fact to share with your holiday guests right away before they inquire which rum is used in this year’s punch, its ABV, and where exactly The entire bottle can be found as quickly as possible. It looks like the ornaments (both physical and digital) will be signed by Melania herself and should pair well with signed Nancy Reagan cardboard cutouts.

Charity, kind of… kind of – It may seem strange to buy trinkets (NFT or otherwise) from someone apparently Dislikes birthday, but it appears that a portion of the proceeds will go to scholarships for children in foster families. what exactly part From the proceeds is not clear, and Enter Reached by for an accurate number. Anyway, some money will be distributed for goodwill – but not before Melania gets a taste.

While this isn’t the first time Melania Trump has tried to hawk on NFTs, she might be the laziest, and at least, the most unfortunate. Trading volume for NFT on OpenSea has dwindled, and even blue chip collectibles like the Bored Ape Yacht Club aren’t immune to deflation.

This is obviously bad for Melania Trump, but great for those who haven’t been their best self yet in your life. Stocking stuffing, anyone?

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