Oneof Launches Bowie NFT – Music Connection Magazine

Oneof Launches Bowie NFT – Music Connection Magazine

Green Web3 . platform one of They announced a new collection with David Bowie as part of their partnership with Globe Entertainment and Media (Globe), the world’s most famous archivists including the Globe Photo Agency, Movie Star News and Frank Worth Archive. The two companies are bringing the iconic image of rock legend David Bowie performing on the Ziggy Stardust Tour in Santa Monica in 1972 to Web3 on the concert’s 50th anniversary.

The Legends of Rock: David Bowie – Stardust in Santa Monica The set will feature 130 limited editions of David Bowie’s photo, taken by photographer Jeffrey Meyer during a layover of the Ziggy Stardust Bowie tour at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on October 20, 1972—the day David Bowie would change music forever. It was captured during a rare moment, when David Bowie played the harmonica on “Jane Jenny.”

Each edition is numbered and signed by Mayer, and will come with a secure digital certificate of authenticity inspired by Chris Franian, America’s rock ‘n’ roll photography curator. The NFCOA (Non-Foldable Certificate of Authenticity) confirms ownership of the signed limited edition Jeffrey Mayer print on the blockchain and will come with an amazing audience aid – three randomly selected collectors will also receive an oversized old David Bowie slide in an acrylic display. A true music collector’s dream.

NFTs Limited to 130 prints will come with a redemption code. The redeem code acts as a commercial token for the physical print of the image and the accompanying, non-replaceable Certificate of Authenticity (NFCOA). Each NFT version number of a redemption code is directly related to the number of the actual print copy. This redemption code can be used to resell this NFT on OneOf Marketplace. Collectors can decide to redeem their NFT redemption code for hard copy and NFCOA at any time by logging into OneOf and entering their vault. Once redeemed, a limited edition physical fine art print of David Bowie will be sent to US collectors with the same Redemption Token NFT version number. The NFT holder will also be dropped from NFCOA for physical printing, replacing the NFT redemption code in his OneOf account.

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