WisGOP: Tony Evers’ Small Business Apology Tour

WisGOP: Tony Evers’ Small Business Apology Tour

[Brookfield, WI] Tony Evers recently toured the state, stopping at small businesses and handing out more campaign money, where he pretends to show an ounce of anxiety.

“If Tony Evers cared about the welfare of small businesses, he wouldn’t have shut them down for too long or constantly forced them to order masks and damage their bottom line. It has forced many to close their doors for good,” said Mark Jefferson, GOP Executive Director of Wisconsin.

By contacting small businesses “not necessary”Evers effectively threw the kiss of death many have seen They closed their doors forever.

Tony Evers tried to care a little bit about small business Increase taxes on manufacturers and even tried Small business taxes on federal COVID loans. After destroying restaurants with his COVID policies, he was Forced to sign a bill Throw them a lifeblood, it’s too late for some of them.

“The backsliding he has made over the past few months of the campaign, in an effort to win back the small business interests he has damaged, shows the continued desperation of his campaign,” Jefferson said.

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