The cold case of a former CBC footballer remains unsolved while double cash is rewarded to motivate witnesses

The cold case of a former CBC footballer remains unsolved while double cash is rewarded to motivate witnesses

Street. Lewis (Kmov) – It’s a case that’s getting cold. It’s been 67 days since Damion Baker was murdered in downtown St. Louis. Now, his family and the police make new pleas to find the killer.

Damion was not a young man who would hurt anyone,” Annamarie Becker said.

Annamarie Becker is the mother of Damion Becker. She, Damion Baker brothers and an entire community mourning a murder surrounded by questions.

“Every day we ask that you find him in your heart to help us ease our pain,” said An’namarie Baker.

In July, 25-year-old Damion Becker was killed in a parking lot while trying to steal a car south of Busch Stadium. No suspects have been identified.

“There was someone in that parking lot. There was someone who made the 911 call, and he heard, could give us some insight,” Annamarie Baker added.

Although there were several security cameras near the intersection where Damion Baker was killed, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police confirmed that the crime had not been caught. Major Ryan Cousins ​​of SLMPD, who is handling the case, said that because there was no footage, the department relied solely on eyewitnesses.

“It is very frustrating. We will continue to have this. We say we care about each other, but when such incidents happen and we don’t have anyone coming forward, we know there are people who witnessed the event,” Cousins ​​said.

In an effort to extract witnesses, Baker’s former employer Local Union 42 has rewarded Stoppers with bonuses. There is now a $30,000 reward for anyone who can lead the police to Damion Baker’s killer.

“When the community, businesses, family, friends and employers come together around the victims and add more money to them, it is an incentive for someone to connect,” said Lisa Pisciotta of Crime Stoppers.

This year alone, Stoppers’ advice has helped arrest 15 suspects and solve 32 cases in a bi-state region. The Baker family maintains that tipping brings them justice, too.

Annamarie Becker said, “My prayer, whatever these individuals may be, they find in themselves, and that their mothers, aunts, and uncles find it in themselves.”

All Crime Stoppers Tips are 100% anonymous without caller id and no phone line tracking. You can also give anonymous tips online.

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