How Prominent Musicians Raise Utility Using NFTs

How Prominent Musicians Raise Utility Using NFTs

As the speculative side of the NFT market cooled, utility cemented itself as a determinant of successful NFT dips. And in the music industry specifically, where NFTs empower artists to unleash unprecedented opportunities for fan communication and collaboration, the benefit has never been more important.

As explained by the green NFT platform In OneOf Co-founder Adam Vail, NFTs abolished the fan’s traditional role as a passive listener and consumer. Now, instead of the typical Web2 fan club, comes a smaller but stronger Web3 Street team made up of the most true fans of the artist who are aligned with each other and motivated in the artist’s success.

In the end, determining the right tool for NFT comes through identifying the most loyal fans of the artist truly You then want to go further to fulfill these desires.

push limits

Over the past year, we’ve seen artists use NFT to offer listeners a variety of perks. These serve existing fans while also helping to welcome new fans into the fold. Web3 Early adopter of Steve Aoki A0k1verse It gives fans a range of both physical and hands-on experiences, including free tour tickets, free mint to AOKI NFT, and partner projections. Meanwhile, Masego, FKJ, and Voidz rewarded holders OneOf’s Tadow Collection With personalized videos, signed merchandise, virtual jam sessions, and an official RIAA platinum scoreboard.

The possibilities are endless, but to provide a truly memorable and worthwhile fan experience when crafting an approach to utility, the initial direction must come from the artists themselves, said OneOf Vice President of Music, Thomas Fiss, in an interview with Nft Now.

“At the beginning, we start by seeing the artist and build from there,” he said. “But we also incredibly recognize that it is our responsibility to ensure that the boundaries of what is possible are pushed – in balance with our expertise. To this point, creative integrity and originality are paramount in any collaboration.”

Both integrity and authenticity are prominently displayed in the hallmark of OneOf, Notorious Big: Sky The Limit Collection. One of the most innovative NFT drops to date, it has generated a very positive response from the community and continues to be a case study for those looking to replicate its effects.

Notorious BIG: Sky's the Limit Collection
Notorious BIG: Sky’s the Limit Collection. source: one of

“The collection sold out in less than 10 minutes and allows for societal decisions to be made on how to use Acapella Freestyle in derivative works,” Weiss added. “In addition, revenue from future uses is directed to the community – where they can determine how the money is used. Most importantly, this drop has become a northern star for bands of artists to celebrate and envision ways to add depth to fandom and legacy.”

Fresh Fruit from Doja Cat x JBL

OneOf’s latest collaboration with another superstar: Doja Cat. Since dropping her studio album in 2018, Doja Cat has quickly jumped from TikTok stardom to a global phenomenon amassing over a billion streams on Spotify to date. Now, with loyal fans around the world, Doja Cat X JBL NFT fresh fruit drop It is the perfect way to unlock progressive and original access to her community.

Initially launched via five drops during August and September, Doja’s Fresh Fruit Collection brings together the physical and digital worlds, culminating with the opportunity to attend the highly anticipated return of JBL Fest 2022. JBL Fest will be showing from September 27-29 in Las Vegas a major Doja Cat show and performances From The Kid LAROI, Bebe Rexha, DJ Tigerlily and world-famous DJ and producer Martin Garrix.

The set consists of 3D fruit-themed JBL headphones, masterfully designed by Doja herself. Like most non-fungibles, NFTs are separated into different tiers, each with increasing degrees of rarity and themed around Doja’s favorite fruits: Blueberry, Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, and Grape.

Doja Cat NFT
Fresh fruit from Doja Cat X JBL NFTs. source: one of

Each Fresh Fruit NFT provides tiered access to a range of JBL x Doja Cat events leading up to (and during) the festival, along with many perks, including JBL product discounts, additional Fresh Fruit NFTs, and the chance to win a flight for Pregnant and guest of JBL Fest.

It also features the drop Two limited editions exclusively on eBay Orange and Strawberry tiers, including a phygital card that unlocks exclusive access to a Doja Cat x JBL AR simulator, free products, and guaranteed tickets with holder and guest priority access to JBL Live! 2022.

Playing with the fluid and dynamic nature of NFTs, OneOf has exercised the ability to edit NFT metadata and develop utility tokens over time, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Almost a year after the first Doja Planet Landing Doja Genesis NFTThe JBL x Doja Fresh Fruit Edition provides Planet Doja Genesis owners with a new benefit to their tokens. Now, they can combine three Planet Doja Genesis NFTs in exchange for one of 77 different types of 2500 Grape Fresh Fruit JBL NFTs. In addition to the unique Grape Doja Cat x JBL NFT, all holders are entered to win guaranteed access to JBL Live! And exclusive access to JBL events, a phygital card to unlock a Doja Cat x JBL VR simulator, and a chance to win an NFT diamond prize. Holders also get early access and select discounts on popular JBL products.

All levels are now available exclusively through OneOf and eBay and range in price from free to $1,250. As part of OneOf’s mission to get more people into NFTs, all Fresh Fruit NFTs are minted on the Tezos blockchain and can be purchased with all major credit cards.

future benefit

With leaders like Doja pushing the boundaries of innovation, artists across the industry are taking notes and looking for new ways to leverage NFTs for superior fan service. While many are aware of the power of NFT as tools to connect with their communities, few know where to start.

The secret, says Weiss, is simplicity.

“Simple. Simple. Simple. NFT projects should be simple, innovative, comprehensive and affordable.” More specifically, physical + digital is gaining a lot of traction. Specifically, redemption tokens can be traded or redeemed for a physical item. Additionally, NFCOAs (Non-Exchangeable Certificates of Authenticity) that link physical and digital are gaining a lot of traction. Specifically, redemption codes that can be traded or redeemed for an authenticated physical item.”

As for Face’s point of view, we’re already seeing a difference in how artists build their drops today compared to last year. As the hype around NFTs begins to settle, artists and their bands are now prioritizing a long-term vision for their own groups, ensuring that the decline is initially well received and that there is demand and community involvement for years to come.

As for what’s to come for OneOf, Fiss hinted at an increased focus on using NFTs as a small piece of the puzzle to solve real-world problems.

“I realize this is a bit ambiguous, but we believe the next chapter of success stories will ensure that NFTs provide a problem-solving function in parallel while increasing the fan experience.”

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