Today in Crypto: Epic Games is listing the first NFT game

Today in Crypto: Epic Games is listing the first NFT game

Epic Games Market Lists First NFT Web3 Title, “Blankos Block Party” from Mythical Games, Coindesk Report He said Thursday (September 15).

“Blancos Block Party” is a free multiplayer game that works with digital vinyl games called Blanco, an NFT that can be bought, upgraded and sold in the game.

In other news, Coinbase Global is adding a scorecard for politicians in its app, after expressing frustration with lawmakers and regulators, Bloomberg mentioned Thursday.

US customers can check the results of crypto sentiment for members of Congress, according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, and will be able to register to vote and learn about town hall events.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency exchange venture capital arm Binance Labs is increasing its investment in Aptos Labs, a blockchain startup started by those who worked on the failed Meta stablecoin, Bloomberg. Report Thursday said.

The investment is the result of the programming language the company used to build the blockchain. The language is called Move and was supposed to run the Meta now nixed Diem.

Yi He, co-founder of Binance and head of Binance Labs, says it’s an “opportunity to build the future,” citing Move’s efficiency and security as virtues.

Elsewhere, officials from the EU’s Big Five believe that the digital euro should keep people’s details private, be environmentally friendly, and possibly subject to restrictions on holdings, Coindesk Wrote Citing a paper leaked to the site.

The European Central Bank is considering whether or not to issue a digital currency, with the bill due next year. The paper says that the digital euro “could play a vital role in strengthening the strategic autonomy of the European Union and promoting innovation in the financial sector.”

Meanwhile, CFTC Chairman Rustin Behnam said he directed the agency to prepare to be a regulator of large segments of the cryptocurrency market, Coindesk. Wrote.

Senate Agriculture Committee members will tell in testimony due to be delivered Thursday that the volatility in the market “underscores the urgent need for regulatory clarity and market protection.”

Finally, ether miners are seeing more losses after the “merger” as they switch to lower value cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic or Ravencoin and Bloomberg Wrote.

These tokens are still working under the Proof of Work, from which the merger moved. Miners can still use GPUs to earn coins, but since there are more miners, there are smaller rewards as they solve math puzzles.

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