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Coahoma County has $4.2 million in ARPA money thanks to COVID-19 and the federal government’s economic stimulus plan.

So the question now is how are they going to spend it?

We think it’s a little late for the game to start and urge our elected county officials to move forward with the proposed water projects they’ve been looking forward to for more than 10 years.

for you Clarksdale Press Record A letter has been reported from the county calling for a meeting to discuss how the money will be spent. We hope you have received the message. The Clarksdale Press Record he did not do.

The moderators told us at their workshop meeting on Tuesday that this event will be Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. in Coahoma County Courthouse. The first deadline for applications to the Mississippi Department of Health was 5 p.m. Friday, September 16, 2022 and all applications completed at that time will be classified for grant consideration.

That’s why this newspaper was concerned when newly appointed ARPA consultant Andrew Smith requested that water projects in Coahoma County be postponed. With all the needs in Clarksdale and Coahoma County, we must choose carefully how that money is spent. We must spend it wisely as it will really improve the quality of life for most people.

We hope that people will stand up and push for solid projects that will benefit society for years to come.

But please don’t come to the meeting and say there is nothing for the kids to do. Childcare is not the responsibility of the government.

Please do not come to the meeting and request a community center so that someone can write their name on it.

Please do not come to the meeting with your political agenda or want to see these dollars go into your pocket as a contractor.

We urge you to consider deeply the needs in this community.

Healthcare, broadband internet, workforce development, and real infrastructure projects are ideas we need to seriously consider.

Water and sanitation needs should also be at the top of the list. Take one look at events in Jackson over the past few years to see how people in our state capital have coped with a poor water system.

Most importantly, Coahoma County should not let this opportunity pass them by.

Most voters are angry that the county has spent $200,000 to hire a counselor to help us spend that money. This $200,000 would have funded many of the water projects the county listed.

Failing to allocate ARPA funds to infrastructure and recovery projects is not a logical choice for our province.

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